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Heat + Vibrate while hanging

Heat + Vibrate while hanging

Has anyone had any experience using a heating pad with a strong vibrator built-in while hanging? Wonder if vibrating the ligs while hanging down would be beneficial.

Red Ryder Vibrating Heated Hanger

You’ll shoot your eye out kid….either that or you will cream all over yourself.

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This may not be a bad idea, but I don’t know if the vibrations that a vibrator puts out would really do the trick- seems maybe something ultrasonic might be better… ?

I have to agree with Lurky. I’m too inept to do a proper search but has anybody discussed this before?
Bud- where is this coming from - are you referencing a previous PE idea or is it something you are just now considering?

On its surface the idea has merit.

lurky, there was a thread a year or so ago on ultrasonic being useful. I agree it would be better but quite expensive a i remember >$2000. Cap, a search gave me no resultsl; I am currently using this method and will for a few months. Will report back.

bud do,

Why are you keeping this heated vibrator to yourself? Who makes it? Can we see it on a web site?

We sort of talked about this back in the day when the world was young — like six months ago: massager vibrations for warm up

This is the one I have:…=111&product=76

I think it helps, although I haven’t used it much for several months.

I have this too. It’s powerful and cordless:…=111&product=73

I’ve used that while fucking, with a woman on top. Reach around and put in the crack of her ass so it vibes her anus and the base of your dick inside her pussy. She’ll go nuts.

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I have used an electric hand-held vibrating massager since the days of hanging with a swim cap, then the captains’ wench, and now with the bib hanger. At first, moving up in weight was intimidating, and the ligs burned a bit (good sign of a workout). When I applied the two speed massager, the burn would almost instantly subside. I was able to move up in weight very quickly…maybe too quickly. Before long, nine pounds felt like it wasn’t even there, then 18 felt the same way. I think the vibrator relaxed and lengthened the ligs in a big way. BUT…they are all evened up now and can support a heck of a lot of wieght without any soreness afterward. This is in the SD hanging position. My flaccid length is improved, my erect length little, so far…but I am not far into it timewise on my hanging career. Vibration feels great, but I wonder if it also toughens the ligs? That’s about my two cents’ worth.

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