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Heat for the hanging session

Heat for the hanging session

Hey all, I need some advice about hanging with heat. What kind of heater that you guys use during hanging session? I tried hanging without heat for several months, but did not get any gains. So, I will try hanging with heat now. I am thinking of using this hand held heater while hanging.…ur=AUD&AFFID=74

Is it going to be effective? Any better ideas? I heard some people here use infrared lamp while hanging. Can someone give me recommendation of good infrared lamp?


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Philips has a good IR lamp,search this forum, I posted specification for this particular lamp. They last long and they warm up really good, but I usually use them after workout for recovery. Rice sock before workout.

This magnetic massager seems good but only after workout because I am not sure if it can heat up properly for exercises.

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I sometimes use the rice sock from the warm-up also in the hanging sessions. Don’t know if this helps but it is quite easy to do and I got my hands free to do something else at the same time (like posting here).

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