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Heat after hanging?

Heat after hanging?

I know this is contrary to what some have said, but lately I have been using heat on my penis after my sets to restore circulation. I always traction wrap afterwards, and if I don’t apply heat I can still get good circulation back, just not a good flaccid hang. It seems like when I apply a heating pad to my penis after I hang, my flaccid stays a lot larger for longer. Does anyone see any terrible problems with this? I know we want the ligs to stay in a lengthened state, and heat might make them retract easier, but I figured as long as I traction wrap I might be ok. What does anyone else think? Thanks for any replies.

I use a warm washcloth after I hang to help with circulation. My penis does not retract at all from it. Since I go to jelqing/squeezing during my 10 minute break inbetween sets, that warms up the penile tissue anyway- besides, I always thought heating makes your penis more limber (easier to stretch).

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I use heat before hanging and then between sets in order to allow the tissues to stretch better.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

I use heat during the hang… my hanger is ghetto so I can put a heat pad at about the base to middle part of my dick

I don’t use heat after hanging. For me its an extra hassle that I feel isn’t that helpful.

Heating pad is a hanger’s friend. You can even use it while you hang.

Thanks guys. So nobody thinks that using heat after you hang will cause any problems with gains?

I think it helps gains, but thats just me

I don’t think heating after hanging would negatively affect gains unless you proceeded to compress the tissues while they were in the deformation heat reange.

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