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haven't been on the board in years but I'm back, need some guidance...


Getting surgery when your penis is over 9” long… 3.5” gain…sure..

I honestly do not see what these trolls are trying to accomplish? I mean, I lurk over at MOS and Mynewsize from time to time and I often see threads dedicated to bash thunders place, its moderators, its owner, its members and its content. I often get the urge to dedicate a couple of days to dig up contradictions, lies, retarded statements, insane routines and advice that has been made by the owners and moderators of those two sites with links to their own threads etc.. but then I let it pass and forget it, leave their forums and forget about them for a while.

It is not worth it. They will keep doing what it is that they are doing. The lies will continue to help the bosses get their $$. It is pathetic (I have actually seen begging-threads created by these “bosses”) but it pays their lifestyle so they will protect it with teeth and claws.

Is registration closed? Maybe someone tried to register and failed and then instead managed to hijacked an old lurker account with an easy password and started talking crazy and incoherent. Weird :(

Did someone leave the drug jar out again? LMAO

How do these guys get in here?

What kind of quack would perform a penis enlargement surgery on a guy with a 9x6.5” cock?

Originally Posted by wantsmore

As long as a fight in the octagon between Antonio Noguiera and Martha Stewart..


*Goes back into lurking mode*


Starting stats, mid december 06: FL- 10.5cm, BPFL- 12cm, EL - 15cm, BPEL- 16.5cm, EBG- 14cm

June 5th, 2008; BPEL - 19cm (7.5") , mid shaft girth - 14 (5.5")cm

Goal: BPFL - 15cm, BPEL - 21cm, EG- 16cm

Originally Posted by zero_cool
By january 2007 this year I was 9inches by 6.5 in thickness. Plenty big right? Well my dumbass decides that I want a little more. So what do I do?

I go under the knife.


Originally Posted by GlandMaster
Sorry, no, I don’t remember you being a regular contributor to the site, but I see that you must have been a major player here by your huge post count.



Running a Massive Co-Front.

Funny - the initiator of this thread (who - interestingly enough - ) calls himself adumbass

Only answered others’ posts on the day of his initial post.

Later - ttt

I had the surgery and probably gained only 1/8 to 1/4 in length from my fat pad removal.. I did not lose any length. I had the surgery about 15 yrs ago.. Surgery is worthless.. You had 9 and wanted more?


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