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Have wrapped once, Will never wrap again

Have wrapped once, Will never wrap again

Ok, for all of those people interested in correct wrappings and wrapping drawings and how-to’s and the like….have you ever tried not wrapping.

I have a busy schedule, and try to be as efficient as I can be. With that in mind, I have only wrapped once before Bib hanging, and that was on the first day that I got my BIB hanger.

Ever since then I have not wrapped once, and dont ever plan on it again. Wrapping takes too much time, and there are too many variables involved (tightness, completeness (covering enough of shaft), any creases (causing enormous discomfort), slippage of material, etc.).

What I have found works, and have used for 4 months now, is if I just get about 6 feet of toilet paper, fold it in half multiple times till I get about the “wingspan” of an open Bib hanger. I will line the inside of the BIB (the hardened gel stuff) with this by simply placing it on top, will shove my penis right on top of that, and close off the BIB onto my penis, tighten, and begin hanging.

It works great.

The only thing is about once a month you have to replace the TP because it slowly get shredded and ripped as usage continues.

The grip it gives is good (dont have much to compare it to) and the comfort is entirely bearable.

There is no time wrapping and unwrapping…..once done hanging I just loosen the bib, and the TP comes off with the BIB (instantaneously). Sometimes a little is stuck to my penis, but I just peel it off.

—Just wanted to give you all an idea of what has worked for me.
P.S. BIB is a freaking genius. Hanging has given me .75 BPEL increase in only 4 months.

Thanks again BIB.


That sounds pretty cool. You need to talk to Frenchy.


Hey, this idea is really good. I tried it and I liked it. Thanks man!!!

Damn, one of those ideas that is amazingly simple…. after someone else thinks it up.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I’m not a hanger, but try sections of white paper towels. I use to use tp for manual stretching to enhance my grip, but paper towels are much more durable and just as comfortable…

Ya I don’t use the wrap, it takes too long and is too frustrating. I just put the thing directly on. Maybe I’ll try this idea, thanks.

Glad I could help some of you.

Paper towels sound like a good idea.

Thanks, guys.


Ahhhh here’s that thread. I’m going to have to try this. Another material that may work well is those heavy-duty blue paper towels, usually found in the auto section of a hardware store. They are durable, and softer than normal paper towel.

If you procrastinate you choose LAST

See I dunno about you guys but, from past experience I need to wrap to gather up the skin. Otherwise, i get pinched by the hanger where it comes together top and bottom and by the adjustment screw on top of the hanger. I like the blue shop towel idea though for a wrapping material. Easy to come by and, as mentioned soft and, durable.

Has anyone tried a sheet of baby wipe material?

I have some and it’s very soft but I can’t find the right tension.

Tried a few sheets of kleenex today, seems to be doing ok, although I’m just starting out at 5 pounds. I’ll try the blue shop towels in my next few sets.

If you procrastinate you choose LAST

Ok, between blue shop towels and kleenex, the kleenex wins over. The one problem I do seem to be having is getting the skin on the underside of my dick (the “sail”) caught in the hanger as I tighten. There’s a bonus for wrapping right there. Regardless, does seem comfortable, and quick.

If you procrastinate you choose LAST

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