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Have I overdone it?

Have I overdone it?

Ive just had 2 scheduled days off from hanging 10lbs BTC for 3 sets of 15mins, although I packed a few more sets in at the weekend. Ive been hanging for a month or so.

Ive been getting a really good?! soreness at the base which I assumed was ligament fatigue. But the soreness has not altogether gone after the rest days. When I came to put on my BiB starter today the left side of the base of my little chap was still sore, particularly just left of centre on the top running onto the shaft. It felt like a tense guitar string, very thin, not what I would imagine the ligament to feel like. Could this be a nerve that I have treated a bit roughly? There is a similar ‘string’ on the right which seems OK.

I will give it a rest today and see how it feels tomorrow.


Just keep in mind, that an extra day of hanging doesn’t make up for a broken and unusable penis.

Take a gander in the injuries forum, and read up on problems other people have had.


You cannot palpate a nerve, so it is likely a ligament. If you are totally fatigued hanging at a certain angle, then either take a rest, or change angles is all else is well.


Ive been doing a bit of reading and my problem seems very similar to how other people are describing a thrombosed vein. It does seem quite hard to touch and about 2.5cm long. I can feel a string on the right hand side, which I suppose is the equivalent vein, but this is not hard or sore. Looks like I need to rest and then come back more slowly. And I was really getting into this hanging lark as well!


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