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Has anyone ever experienced.

Has anyone ever experienced.

.Long term problems from hanging? I’ve been stretching for a while and want to get into hanging. I’m about 5.5 inches and want to be around 7 but have not had much luck with stretching. But I’m worried about ED or other problems.


I’ve had the best luck with the bib hanger. I gave that up for a year for vacuum hanging but had to gains. Now I’m back to the bib.

As for problems if you take everything slow and learn how to hang you should be fine!


Definitely do your research before hanging. There’s a thread somewhere called “most important hanging threads.” be sure to read it.

I made the mistake of constructing a poorly made homemade hanger, while also starting at too high a weight (I think) at 10lbs. I’m experiencing a minimal amount of bloodflow to the head because of not doing my research first. Once I rest and recover and things are back to normal, I will be purchasing the widely used bib starter hanger, and starting over at the appropriate start weight.

But take a look around and you’ll notice that many people have achieved substantial gains from hanging, by doing it right.

In my opinion hanging has the potential to be the safest form of PE bar none. It also has the potential of rivaling a clamping disaster it terms of damage if taken lightly.

If you have good self monitoring skills, follow a ritual of safe hanging, and always hang in a safe & controlled environment you are golden. Before starting you should have at least 4 months of dedicated and consistent hands on PEing and reading up on hanging.

Remove any of those and suddenly it becomes dangerously easy to hurt your self.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Would doing girth work right after the hanging session be bad or cause problems? Or even way later on in the day or night? Or would it be best to just do hanging without any specific girth work? Thank you.

Hanging is pretty intense. A few of us, my self included, have experimented with hanging/girth-work routines.

But why are you doing it? Remember that more advanced and complicated routines do not mean better routines. The only reason for delving into more “advanced” PE is that the easy stuff has stopped giving you gains.

Something else to very much keep in mind: plenty of guys get decent girth gains from hanging. I have no idea why or how this is. I gained enough girth using a BIB to never need to do girth work to match my length gains. So if you are planning on hanging I would advise simply focus on doing it up right and not experiment on your self.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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