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Harder erections after hanging

Harder erections after hanging

I started with 5 lbs, then moved up to 7, then 10 and now I’m doing 15lbs. I warm up with a rice sock for 5-10 mins, do 3 sets of 20 mins with 5 min of dry jelqs in between each set. I use to use an extender and wet jelq but wanted to give hanging a shot. Once I started hanging 15, my erections have been getting crazy hard! Even my gf made a comment the other day about how hard I was. I know this is a positive sign but is it common with hanging or just an overall good routine/workout? I have also been trying to eat alot healthier these last few weeks because I gained some unwanted weight

I also started taking l-arginine (again) and fish oil yesterday so hopefully that will make them even better!

Nbpel - 6.5" Bpel 7.25" Eg 5.125"

How long you been hanging and are you seeing any gains yet to? If your eq are that good I would keep doing what your doing because it must be right.

You’re probably just experiencing the residual effects of PE; and its not solely attributable to hanging. PE will improve the erectile system and does a lot of good for that region of the body in a very short duration of time. Also, the supplements will give you a kick start.

Take anything and everything that DutyQuest has posted with a large grain of salt.

I also get much harder erections after hanging with my Bib and everything feels more pulled out immediately after my sets but still unable to really experience much fatigue. I feel slight discomfort at the base of my penis after 6 BTC hanging sets but nothing much in the ligaments so does that mean I am doing something wrong?

Not necessarily. Many have gains without any specific feeling of ‘fatigue’ or discomfort. As far as I know, tunica albuginea is not a very sensitive area per se, so any feeling of pain/discomfort/whatever is more likely coming from ligs or smooth muscle or again urethra. Ligs don’t have much a role in erect lenght gains, adversely than many believe; smooth muscle aching is a sign that the wrapping is not perfect. Urethra discomfort is a sign that the hanger was placed in a wrong way.

How would I tell the difference between the aching/fatigue/soreness of different areas (such as tunica, smooth muscle, ligs, etc)?

I am also seeing improved EQ. I began hanging 10 April.

I have also discovered that I was doing kegels wrong. That has been modified so that I am now doing them correctly. I am able to do 100+ per day.

In addition to that I read where I probably was not taking enough L-arginine and L-citruline per day. That has been modified too.

Who knows which of these actions might be the result of improved EQ. I assure you that it does not matter, but I am pleased with the results.

For several mornings recently I have been waking with 60-70% EQ. This is a welcomed change.


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