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Happy wrapping

Happy wrapping

This applies first and foremost to wrapping for the Bib type hanger, and problems with pinched skin.

As a hang newb I’ve had my trials and errors with wrappings, and I’ve had my skin pinched with about every other attachment when trying one or more ready made sleeves for wrap.
This simple way I worked it out now made such a significant difference for reliability in my hanging comfort and convenience, that I thought it might possibly help someone else too. I get no bad attachments, zero; healthy circulation and no pinched skin.


You’ve read about or tried a cutoff baby sock or similar. OK, this is similar until the next sentence: I stich up two sleeves; one out of lycra (bikini material) to use against the skin; the other out of a nylon sock.
Then a small (3/4”x3”) strip of theraband, which I attach (using “carpet tape”) centered along the belly (opposite side of seam) of the lycra sleeve. The strip hinders the lycra sleeve from any curling up, and most importantly very efficiently prevents pinching when used along the top side of the shaft, where I had my pinch problems). It’s perfect to be able to use sleeves; quick, convenient and basically no variables involved (read foolproof) :)

I ahould add a disclaimer that I haven’t tried anything with high weights, so I just don’t know if I will encounter any problems with this wrapping somewhere down the line.

Until then at least, here’s a happy wrapper!


I have never had any skin pinching issues to date with the Bib.

I have always been pulling the upper and underside side that is between the hanger and base backwards towards the base once the hanger is on and tighten down somewhat.

I say tighten down somewhat because I always tighten the bib abit then pull the skin back alittle more then continue to tighten.

Most times when doing this procedure I can actually feel my underside skin (the start of skin that becomes the ball bag) being pulled out of the hanger. I guess if I didn’t do this procedure then maybe I would have pinched skin.

But like I said I have never had pinched skin causing my problems.

However I have had skin irratation which was caused by a wrap that was a stretchy bandage but was of a course material.


Hi Justin,

Yes, I attempt pulling the skin back for those reasons; not to get skin burn at the base, and to have it sleek and gently stretched beneath the wrapping. The pinched skin I’d experience is along the front of the shaft, and is prone to happen to me when and right where the teeth of the hanger mesh in. I’ve experimented with settings to make it right, and I do get it right too, but pinching attachments would still happen.
This said, my dexterity is OK so I knew I would either want to come up with something or I would have to settle with “traditional” wrapping of lengthy fabric + theraband strips, and the variables this method induces to each attachment.

P.s. The hanger is excellent, but wrapping was a bitch until now.


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