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I am new to hanging, I have searched throught some info on here, but I need some basic tips on how to start out.

Is there a way I can make a VERY basic hanging device, for example can you make gains by just hanging some string from your cock with weights on the end?

I don’t have a credit card or any spare cash at the mo’ to buy any device so I am just wondering what I can do because I really want to make some gains from hanging if possible.

Is there a hanging page anyone knows of for beginners where I can just learn what weight to start at and anything to help me, I have been PE’ing for over 3 months and have known of PE for over a year but do not know much at all about hanging.

Any help at all will be great guys, thanks.


Don’t even think of using the ol’ string attached to the penis method. This is the technique tribesmen would perform. By using this method your just going to KILL all the hundreds of delicate nerve endings located just below the head. Sure the tribesmen had schlongs that would probably make John Holmes envious but when it came down to pleasing the ladies they couldn’t get it up PERMANENTLY!!

Regarding the info you were looking for, just scroll down to the bottom of the page of the hanger’s forum and your answers will be found there. I recommend Tom Hubbard’s new site. You can also reach his older sites in the PE Archive at the bottom of the page as well.

I hope I helped out.


No string, no noose.

Wannabe is correct. There are easy to make homemade hangers that are much safer. Do yourself a favor and read, read, then read some more.


use the search feature- use the word “homebrew”

"If you build it, they will come".


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