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hi guys I am new here, been lurking for a little while. I have done some searching but really can’t find exactly what I am looking for so I’ll just ask here:

1)I am thinking of getting a bib starter hanger. I am just wondering is hanging really worth it?? I have done the exercises (mostly jelqing) and have gained about .25” in girth and very little in length (like 1/16 of inch — which is probably just a measuring error) for about 3 months on a regular basis.

2)What do you guys think a good workout include? exercises and hanging or just one by itself?

I am looking for an all around bigger unit, thicker and longer. My current measurements are EG:4.875 and EL: 5” and EBPL: 5.375.

Thanks for your input and time guys.

>What do you guys think a good workout include? exercises and hanging or just one by itself?

I do both. A hanger is an essential tool in my PE arsenal.

Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

I would say a Bib starter is an excellent investment and WELL worth the money.

Here is a bit of advice. You state your BP and NBP measurements at 1/2” difference. When I first started I had more or less the same difference. Over time, as I pressed the ruler harder and harder I came up with a touch over 1” difference. You may want to experiment and see just HOW much you could possibly push a ruller in. This will help you feel more confident that your increases are in fact that and NOT just pushing harder and harder or at a different angle.

thanks. I probably should up my cardio in the gym and stop eating so da-n much. I am 5’10” and weigh 175 lbs but I need to tighten up my midsection, I guess that could help with my PE endvours.

also guys — one more question about hanging.

I am curious if there is any effect on your erection. I have erections like solid granite (never had a problem with that — but PE has made it even harder plus the ZMA I take). And I don’t want to lose that. Does hanging effect the hardess or angle of your erection? thanks guys.

If you stretch downward and lengthen the ligs out it may decrease the angle of your erection. It has decreased the angle of mine slightly. Someone here on the boards (Merlin or Dino maybe) claims to stretch upwards (over the shoulder) specifically because he does not want to alter the angle of his erection.

Stretching in different directions is likely to minimize angle alteration.

This sounds like something that someone here is sure to have more than anecdotal information on… let’s see what the verdict is.


>Does hanging effect the hardess or angle of your erection?<

The only time my erection suffered from hanging was in overworking. Easing up always returned things to normal.

Before PE, my EA was straight up, now it is a little over 9:00. I feel this was due to really tight ligs. But I would not trade the 4.5 inch increase in length for any erection angle.


well last night I just ordered a bib starter. I think the 3 week wait is gonna kill me :) I guess I can read up and come up with a rountine.


No, there will be no three week wait. Under promise and over perform. Yours went out today, and might be there by Friday. So read very fast.

You will get a notification email pretty soon.


woo-hoo!! :)

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