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Ok, so I’m going to start hanging soon and I heard you have to stretch the skin first and then the ligs. So since I am uncut and it covers my head completely. If I want less foreskin can I just not stretch the skin and target the ligs first? Or do I have to stretch the skin first?

It is always your choice what to do.

However, the guideline I was given was to hang 3 to 5 pounds in BTC position. Then attempt to pinch the skin right above where your shaft exits. If you can’t pinch the skin then you should do some skin stretching. You aren’t looking to create huge amounts of skin. You are looking to create some slack.

Remember it is BTC position for this test. Because SD will not create that level of tightness right above the exip point.

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No you do not have to stretch the skin first. Take a look at my thread for proof.

We are all slightly different - but it is no guarantee that inner penis will grow to a great degree after base-skin stretching with foreskin overhead.

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