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I know that Bib’s hanger won’t be available for long. I am willing to jump in and try hanging, but I was wondering if anyone has any general idea as to how long it might take before I could reasonably expect to see some gains. Or to ask it another way, how long before you know whether or not you are part of the percentage of people with not-gonna-yield-in-a-hundred years ligaments? And what might you guess, rough estimate is fine, is the % of people who succeed in hanging.

I already have a general idea of this myself from just browsing the forums. But I wanted to throw out the direct question and see what more experienced people might guess. I gather you have to hang for about a year. I know you need to take care to isolate the pressure onto your ligaments as much as possible. But I want some guess as to what the odds of success are. It seems sad to hang weight from your dick regularly, week after week, only to see nothing after a year. So I pose a general question as to what I am getting into. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi Salvatore

I’ve been using a BibStarter for about 4.5 months and the gains just keep on coming. So far just over 1.5” gains :) . I started gaining from the very first month and since then I’ve kept gaining regularly. My routine is in the Progress Reports forum and my pics are in the Member’s Pics forum. But, as you’ve pointed out, we must realize that everyone is different. Some will gain quickly and others slowly. However hanging does seem to work for a lot of people - I’ve only read of a few isolated instances where it doesn’t. Like most things, you only get out of it what you put into it. To get the best results you need to be disiplined and committed to your goals. It takes time, but if you’re willing to put in the time there is an excellent chance that you will be rewarded!

Remember to start off at low weights and keep us posted!

lil1 :sun:

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Why don’t you just make one of Tom’s AFB hangers or a homemade Bib, and see if you like hanging. It probably will not take too long before you see if you are an easy gainer, or a hard gainer, or something in between. Then you can decide what type of PE you wish to pursue if any.


Thanks for responding to my question. It’s really encouraging to hear you’re gaining, lil12big1.

Bib, I will try what you suggest. But if I like hanging within the first couple of weeks, I will get the Bib hanger while it’s still available, because, only the best for my little willie. I found this site about a week ago. Quickly I saw that hanging at first is a good idea. But even if hanging doesn’t work I will try everything before I give up. After all, we are talking about increasing the size of our dicks. That’s important. I’ll keep ya posted. Thanks again for the encouragement.

I understand that people are uncertain to new PE routines like hanging… BUT, lets be real here. We are only talking 100 bucks! How long does it take to spend that on useless BS in day to day life? IF you are determined chances are in the 90% range that you will gain from hanging. I say go ahead and get the best now. There is a definite learning curve and 2 weeks is very little time for a good evaluation.

BTW, Bib did you consider selling your tooling to someone else to continue manufacturing the hangers? With all the enterprising souls on these PE boards there has to be someone willing and able?

PS. I am using a starter model as I type!

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