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I was curious about starting to hang. My problem is just my length. I just want to add an inch to an inch 1/2. My girth is already satisfactory, and I think I could reach that inch in a more effective way with hanging. What is the best hanging device you’ve used or have created. I’ve done a search and came accross lots of manual instructions but not really anything with reviews or the person actually wearing it. Please let me know, and don’t let me know if you’re trying to sell me something that you havent personally used and will only benefit with revenue from.

The best thing to do for any newbie is the newbie routine. We say that for a reason. Try doing at least 3 months of the newbie routine, and see what it gives.

In the meanwhile, you can read a lot of stuff we have here on hanging; start here :

Most Important Hanging Threads

and lead the links you’ll find.

Yeah dude start with the a newbie manual routine. I hang with an MaxVac-II from mynewsize. I think its the best out there and since its a vacuum it doesn’t squeeze your penis really tight to attach. Hence its more comfortable and easier to hang more and you can use just as much weight as any other hanger. A vacuum hanger doesn’t cut off circulation so you can also hang longer sets or use it as an ADS. My setup and hanging log is found in my sig.

My MaxVac Setup Longerstretch's Golf Weight and HTW setup My Log

Starting Size: circa 2003: 5 BPEL x 5.0 MSEG August 2007: 6 2/3 BPEL x 5.5 MSEG

04/22/08: 7.5 BPEL x 5.6 MSEG... On and Off again for a while... Restart PE in late 10/2013... 11/25/13: 7.75 BPEL x 5.75 MSEG

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