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hanging wrap, how much of the penis should it grip

hanging wrap, how much of the penis should it grip


When hanging, I used to wrap around 50% of the flaccid penis (from just below the penis head to the lower shaft area), and the straps (which are attached to the weight) would cover all of the wrap. Now I wrap around the whole penis (excluding the penis head) and the straps cover the wrap. Essentially this is the difference between wrapping a small area behind the head or wrapping the whole penis (in both cases excluding the head). Which is better for tunica and ligament stretching? My ligaments feel it more with the ‘whole penis stretch’ method


If your hanger attaches to the wrap securely and comfortably, it doesn’t really matter.

I could see a benefit in the whole penis remaining wrapped if you’re not able to hang and you wanted to keep it lightly stretched. I’ve seen slight benefits from doing this myself. “Traction wrap ADS


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(I agree with lostracco’s reply)
As long as you’re wrapping with proper technique (from behind the circumcision scar about 1”-1.25” behind the glans) and as long as you’re not creating an injury, or getting hanger slippage, I don’t think the wrap really matters—aside from comfort.

You mentioned you felt like you were working out more of your penis this way. If you really want an intense experience, try the RSDT—but only after you’ve been hanging for months already. I hear you need to lower your weight when you do it because its pretty extreme. The reports I read about the RSDT described intense force & resulting soreness along most of the penis shaft… especially when someone first started using it.

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