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Hanging & working

Hanging & working

Hello all, this is my first post and I’d like to say that this is one of the finest message boards I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of. Thanks to everyone who’s posted their knowledge and experience - it really means a lot.

I’ve been hanging for the last week and it’s been quite a learning experience! After going through old posts and searching, I’ve answered most of my questions, but I still have a few.

First off: How in the world do you guys hang and get anything done (even at your desk or computer) I can’t for the life of me figure out how I can hang BTC and still be able to reach anything!

What sort of chair are you guys using, and how does it relate to your desk?

Second, I’ve read all about twisting in the hanger. All posts, however, deal with the head twisting in the bib, but none address the twisting that I’m experiencing, which is twisting of the shaft. When I hang my shaft twists to the right. This seems to be caused by the way it rides over my balls. I’m not hanging much weight only 3-4 pounds - will this problem disappear as I increase weight? Is it a problem at all?

Thanks for making this place so useful - and thanks, Thunder, for making this site available, it’s a fantastic board.



Doing PE makes you start evaluating chairs pretty quick and wanting to cut a large slot down the middle. I did it once to a plastic lawn chair and it worked pretty well, but I lived in fear the family would find it. When I decided to get rid of it, I was too embarassed to put it out by the curb and cut it into a lot of small pieces and stuffed them into a garbage bag. LOL! I’d still like to have a good desk chair like that.


Have you tried shifting the weight to the left by moving the S hook on the strap?



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LOL, that’s funny - I probably would’ve cut it up too.

I’ve tried arranging the S hook, I guess the twisting is occuring somewhere in the wrap.

Is it possible that my shaft just twists under stress? If so, would it be reasonable to assume it would straiten out eventually?

Thanks for the help,



Does your shaft hang to the right when you are sporting a heavy flaccid?

Mine goes to the left, and when I hang it wants to twist to the left (not in the hanger, but the whole thing).

I have found that with the BibHanger I can get the bottom of the hanger to rest against my buttocks (weight still on penis) and keep it from twisting to the left.

Alternately, Jelktoid has described not using a spiral wrap motion but employing one large ass piece of wrap that covers the whole shaft, going around twice. This, he says, stops the twisting for him.

As for those with twisting IN the hanger (not the shaft at the base) I just think that’s a case of under-tightness of the hanger or improper toe adjustment.

OK - for the working while hanging. I currently just sit at a chair that I can do a 50% BTC posture in and scan/read the internet. When I advance to BTC in the future, I either do some light daydreaming (with a 20min timer running in the background) or I get a book or mag to read. Full BTC doesn’t leave many options for me, but I am OK with all that.


My shaft twist isn’t dependent on the degree of hardness. Since you’re experiencing the same situation, I think I can assume it’s normal, and I will do something to make the hanger ‘level out’.

I will try the big wrap - wrapping is quite a science isn’t it? I think I’ve tried over 10 different combinations of wrap length, material, layers etc.

As for working while PE’ing, I guess I’ll catch up on my offline reading.

Thanks for the response,



I agree with Buster that you probably don’t have the hanger tight enough. The spiral wrap could also be a problem. Try cutting a thin sweatshirt into a piece about 3” x 9”. This should give you about 2 full wraps around. Then cut a piece of silver Thera about the same dimension. Also, after you get the weight on, be sure to tighten the hanger another 1/2 to a full turn. Make sure that it is TIGHT. As Bigger said, circulation actually improves as you tighten. You may want to check out my under the desk hanger setup. It is great for hanging straight out and I can work at the PC while hanging. I also hang BTC by putting my calves up on the desk and putting my notebook right at the end of the desk. I am 6’5” tall, so if I can do it, any one can.

Good luck


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Thanks for the tips Jelktoid.

I will try the big wrap - and I’ll mess around with the tightness.

I might be able to do some BTC with my laptop - didn’t think of that.

Who would have guessed hanging weights off your dick could be so complicated :)



I always hung while sitting in an executive office chair, turned sideways to my desk. Then, I had another small chair in front of the office chair that I put my feet on. Also, I had a mirror leaned against the back of the small chair to be able to check on things visually.

Hanging BTC, is simply scooted down in the chair, with my butt hanging over the edge a little. Then, I put the keyboard in my lap to type and operated the mouse with my right hand. Actually very simple and comfortable.

It’s all in the setup. Of course, I work at home, so the setup was no problem.


Hey Bigger,

I thought you were on vacation. If you are back now, I hope you had a nice vacation.

Take care


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


It was not a ‘vacation’ vacation. There was a purpose, but it was cut short. I may go somewhere else toward the end of the week, if I can catch up.

Sorry to say, the time off sucked.



Howdy Bib,

I tried your suggestion - works well. I especially liked the mirror idea, I think that’ll save my neck from hours of cramping..

Can you comment on the shaft twisting issue? It really bugs me, but as long as I’m not doing any damage I can live with it.

I’ve tried the thick wrap, different wraps etc - and have concluded it’s not the wrap, it must just be me.




>Can you comment on the shaft twisting issue? It really bugs me, but as long as I’m not doing any damage I can live with it.<

Everything I know about twisting is within this forum. Do a search on twisting and hanging. The biggest thing will be trying different wraps and settings. Especially getting the bottom adjustments correct. I had the problem when I first started working on the lateral compression system. It simply took a little work to see what worked for me.

The twisting can cause a damage problem (numbness), if the hanger puts pressure on the top of the head behind the glans. Time working on this will be time well spent. Simply do many five to ten minute sets, changing a setting or wrap each time. After a couple weeks, you should have found what works for you.


Ok, thanks for the advice - I will give it some time for more experimentation.


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