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Hanging with a Sleeve

Hanging with a Sleeve

I can’t post in the Hanging section, sorry Admin.

I have been reading a lot on uncut guys that find it hard to wrap when hanging, because the skin keeps moving forward and the hanger slips over the head.

Every time I used to finish manual stretches / jelqs I used to put an anti turtle silicon sleeve on, I used to roll it up on to a cap then pull the skin back and insert the bell end in to the cap then roll the rest up the shaft, with the vacuum it gave it used to stay on for hours.!

So then I thought of a way of hanging with it, by rolling one end of the sleeve on to a cap with a hook to hang weight, and the other end of the sleeve on another cap, roll the sleeve over the cap, pull the skin back and fit the bell end in, then roll the sleeve up the shaft, this time though the sleeve only went a few inches up the shaft because the length of the caps shortened the length of the sleeve, I did not have any proper weights so I used a plastic bottle with water in [ maybe 3lb.? ] It held really well with the vacuum it gave, and because the skin was pulled back it felt as though it was stretching every single thing in the shaft and the ligs, no skin was being stretched at all.!

Maybe using more weight it would probably have slipped off at each end, maybe gluing the sleeve on to the caps would be very good.?

Or better still setting everything up as above but using the bib or some other gripping hanger to fit round the sleeve that is on the shaft, I think if it’s set up properly then more weight could be used to hang and the skin that has the habit of slipping forward would be totally out of the way to leave a very very good stretch.! What do you guys think.?

I am waiting on a Bib hanger to come, I am going to try this for sure, if anyone is finding my story hard to understand I will post a photo of how the sleeve looks now, without the hanger..


Your description confused me, but vacuum hanging is nothing new. Major downside is weight limit and pressure on glans. I tried with homemade vacuum hanger and everything was perfect until I reached ~4.4 lbs, then it started slipping so I moved on to other things.

Start • 5.94''x4.92''

Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

I’ve used vacuum hangers with over 15#, for several hours at a time, but I had to use a wrap to prevent blisters.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Upto7, Yes I know that Vacuum hanging as been around for a long time, what I meant was using the sleeve for padding like the wrapping is used, I tried it today with the sleeve and my new Bib Starter, all the skin was out of the way at the base of the shaft, but it did not feel to good at the top, before I tightened the hanger I tried to squeeze the blood out of the bell end, but because the sleeve was on, the blood just came back in to the bell end. I ended up just using the normal wrapping but I will keep trying different ways with the sleeve.. :-)

sounds interesting. keep us updated.

Wurst I tried it again today, this time I cut the sleeve down a bit, because it was to long, I hung for 20 minutes BTC, I did not feel the skin stretching at all, but the ligs.? Man, I could feel them stretching like crazy.!

The sleeve must have got pinched though on the first set, because the thing ripped on me when I tried to put it on for the second set.! Looks like it’s back to wrapping with the cloth.haha.. For now anyway.

I’ve used 7lbs. Before.

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