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Hanging with a blood pressure cuff

Hanging with a blood pressure cuff

Has anyone tried this approach? Wondering if the pressure from the cuff would be enough to hang weights from.

Interesting thought. I know it squeezes the crap out of your arm. I would imagine circulation would be the main issue you would face. For whatever it is worth, if you are just trying to hang on the cheap, try the Captains wench. There is a write up on here on how to make it. Shouldn’t cost more than $10 to put together. I will say though, I tried it once, and a few days later I ordered the bib starter. Superior products = superior results in my opinion.

2/19/2012: BPEL 7.125" MSEG 5"

7/26/2012: BPEL 7.5" MSEG 5.1"

Goal 9"x6"

I agree, I also think the point is to grip on the corpus cavernosum, or the top of the shaft, and a BP cuff grips on no specific portion of the shaft. I don’t think it would hold without slipping off when hanging anyways.

I’ve been having excruciating pain while hanging and have had to cut back on weight, time hanging, and sets hanging for a few weeks now and was looking for help but need to hit 30 posts before starting a new thread, so here’s to number 2.. Sigh.

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