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Hanging vs. Manual stretching


I tried to combine the manual stretching with hanging today. I applied my captin wench device and did a 3 sets of 15 seconds stretches in each direction. I never liked manual stretches, but with this device I love manual stretches.

Then I attached a 5 lbs to it, and hang for 2 X 15 min. Then I did my regular jelq session.

Do you think this is a good routine, to combine stretches and hanging. Is this too much for a newbie??

You should definitely keep an eye on your penis if you’re going to be doing that much work. As far as the routine goes, days that I combine hanging and stretching I generally do alternate stretching and hanging sets. Blended work is still fairly virgin territory so a preferred routine (that I know of?) hasn’t emerged yet. Experiment with different routines.

I keep an eye on my penis Antistar, and it’s in good condition. And as you can see, I don’t do that much of work. The stretching sets is good for a newbie. The hanging with 5 lbs is very comfortable and give a light and nice stretch, which feels very good.

I will give this routine a try and see if it’s going to give me gains I need.

Good. Keep us posted on progress :)


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