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hanging vs jelq

hanging vs jelq

ok i cant stay hard to jelq…

i guess im thinking about it being a job more then pleasure and it throws me off.. dunno..

will hanging increase my lenth?

and is it as effective as jelqing?


Hanging is primarily intended to gain length. The physics behind it suggest that it is easier to stretch a thinner penis than a thicker one. I started out jelqing and gained both length and girth. However, hanging has given me much greater gains in length. I still jelq a little, but I won’t do it to any great extent until I have reached my length goals. If you decide to try hanging, read the Hanging 101 thread before you start. I would also suggest that you read as much as possible in this forum.
Good luck.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

so can i expect more lenth gains from hanging vs jelqing?

In one word, yes :)

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Love that avatar, dude :)

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