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Hanging vs. All Day Stretchers

Hanging vs. All Day Stretchers

What do you gys fancy? Witch one have added most gain?

I do both hanging and ADS. But consider the time you could be abele to use here. 6-8 hours with good, moderate ADS - or 30 daily minutes heavy hanging.

What do we like/prefer?


I think it is a matter of what one believes is the mechanism for gains. I do what you do, hang AND ADS. I would not do either alone. I believe that hanging in the fatigued state and doing manual stretches and/or ADS is producing my slow (and hopefully continued) gains. Even if an expensive ADS (mine is homemade) could produce the same gains that I am getting with hang/ADS it would also have to be comfortable and stealthy so I could wear it for as long as they recommend.

Well…. PeniMaster (my ADS-brand) is not at comfortable as they say. But it’s not bad, either:D The biggest problem is actually the space/room in my jeans, and that it is hard to walk… Glad I’ve got an office job.

Thanks for that comment. How many hours do you wear it and at what tension is it set?
I have been wondering about the comfort/stealthiness of some of the namebrand ADS devices. I walk alot on my job and I am in a very public situation. I can wear my ADS for about 1-2 hours before it starts to really bother me. I take it off for 20-30 minutes before reseting it. I keep improving my ADS, it looks like a torture instrument. Someday I will post a picture. It is a simple noose device made with a large o-ring. It straps to my leg below the knee and then on down to my ankle for aditional support. It has an ajustable bungee for tension. I sometimes wonder if an occasional manual stretch would accomplish the same effect. I say this because I have the summer off from work and do not use the ADS during this time. Instead I do 2-3 manual stretches during the day and it actually seems like I am seeing faster growth during the summer than my work year. I record all my measurements however I have not applied any real analysis to it. I think I am just getting more efficient at PE.


Well, I wear it pretty loosly, because I find it much more comfortable. I’ll take it slow. If I wear it with too much tension, I’ll have to go to the bathroom all the time - loosing it up. (Otherwise I risk either PM to slip off - or I risk the blood flow stopping.)

If you’ve got a homemade ADS that works pretty well I suggest you stick to that. I don’t think a commercial brand is worth the money if you are capable to make something functionable yourself…

Langemann has the right idea. One or the other is less effective then both. After your hanging session slip on your weights or whatever and your gains are going to be locked. I wear mine all day everyday except recently where I’ve given in to lack of privacy and have gone on a deconditioning break (involuntarily).

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I recently made an ADS and wear it all day. I work in a retail job and have to walk around a large store all day and interact with customers and co workers. I do not hang, just jelq and clamp and now ADS. I made mine out of a 2.5 inch plastic pipe fitting, two threaded 12” rods, and a cock ring.

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Your ADS sounds interesting. I cannot imagine being able to wear an ADS all day. Any idea how much tension is being applied? Please describe the cockring you are using. Do you use any other PE techniques?
I “calibrated” my bungee so that it pulls between 2 and 3 lbs. I am having trouble identifying where the irritation is coming from. As best I can tell it is from the noose (o-ring with latex tubing around it) squeezing the shaft behind the glans and/or pressure on the glans ridge. When I am a little retracted from hanging the irritation comes on sooner.
I am gaining however but only about 1/16th inch every couple of months. I took a 3 month break from all PE work over the summer. I lost a little length but after 2 weeks of PE I am back were I was. I will soon determine if there is anything beneficial about “deconditioning”. I take very accurate measurements and record a large amount of information on what PE I do so I can say this with confidence.


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