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Hanging vets...Do you guys also do manual stretching?

Hanging vets...Do you guys also do manual stretching?

I have been hanging for a month (6 months of total PE experience and gained about 1.3” with the newbie routine) and compared to hanging, manual stretches feel way too light. So does it really make sense to keep them in your routine if you are hanging?

I’m not a vet, but I don’t do manual stretches if I hang. I don’t think they are needed.

I see.

Any vet opinions on this?

I’ve said at various times that if I were starting now, I’d try ONLY manual stretches first - because if they work, why be troubled with hanging?. I did no manual stretches (didn’t think of/know about them) when I was hanging.

[Yet another non-answer ;-]

Tom Hubbard

No don’t bother if you have the time than add another set of hanging, hanging is way better than manual stretching unless you can hold on to your dick and pull for 20 minutes at a time:) .

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


How about jelqing then? When should I jelq if I am hanging?

Does this make sense:

-Morning: 15-20 mins jelqing
-Evening: 45 mins hanging (3x15 mins - 10 mins break between each set)

It’s probably best if you keep jelqing when you’re doing a hanging routine. It will be good for your bloodflow. Even a proper hanger will restrict your bloodflow somewhat and the better your bloodflow the slower your penis will cool down. Between sessions some (very) light jelqing will help get your penis ready for the next session. Avoid getting expansion before and between sets though.

After your hanging sessions getting some good expansion going from jelqing should help gaining.

Hmmm… That makes good sense. Thank you Piet.

Exactly what Piet said is true for me.

Do you think is a good idea do some manual stretching when I am not able to hang or is it going to ruin my hanging routine?

Does anyone apply the cooldown technique after there hanging session? Ice pac etc.

I use a warm down rather than cool down.with infra-red light (speeds healing) see NASA studies for efficacy.

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