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hanging using pulley apparatus

hanging using pulley apparatus

In an attempt to hang at a ninety degree angle from your body, have any of you ever set up a system whereby you would have a pully attached to your ceiling and then position yourself lying down under the pulley with the Bib hanger?

Wouldn’t that put the weight directly over your balls? What would happen if the pulley were to break?

Whenever designing any hanging apparatus, I think it is very important to consider what would happen is something were to fail. No single failure in the mechanism should put your dick or any other part of you at risk.

Have you considered attaching a pulley under your desk? Several people have done this. You can sit in a chair with your dick extending straight out. The weights can be positioned close to the floor. If something fails, the weights fall only a short distance, preferably not on your feet.

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I could always configure a two-pulley system so that the weights are nowhere near my balls.

Isn’t there an equation for the more pulleys you use the more the weight is lessened? I am using a pulley under my desk and I am putting a lot of weight on it-more than I would just hanging without a pulley.

Some guys lift weights, I hang 'em!

Each pulley adds friction. There is always a non-zero coefficient of static friction. This corresponds to a force you need to overcome before the pulley will rotate. In a high quality pulley, this force is very small, although it does scale with the weight. Double the weight being hung and you double the friction.

You’ll get the best results with the fewest number of pulleys. If using a single pulley is not feasible, then try to use something of reasonably high quality (i.e., one that is lubricated, uses ball bearings, or includes teflon). THe MechE’s can probably give you a better answer, but those are my amateur thoughts.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

I’d be damn wary of going via the ceiling - is that a plaster ceiling or what do you have? Imagine having a screw pull, the weight falling to the floor - hopefully reaching the floor before the rope goes taut - and then the rope whipping. I’d try to keep my dick out of that mess. Plus I wouldn’t want to explain to intrigued guests. Worse yet, they might not ask and suspect something real kinky, like a self-strangulation fetish.

Desks from solid wood seem a better alternative.

Alternatively - and by far the cheapest - you could use a backpack strap to make a loop from your bibhanger, loop over the hinge of a door, and lie on your back on the floor. Then cinch up the strap to the tension desired. The drawback is that you have no idea of the weight.

regards, mgus

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