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Hanging using a head enlargement vacuum pump ???


I have a hard time working out exactly how TheGrip works. Is the head covered with one of those condom style pieces? I would have thought that would have helped limit blister potential. Also, what level of Hg is required?

I’m half tempted to buy one, but the general idea I get from what I’ve read is that it works great when new, but the parts wear out and after sales service is pants.

Bike2swim, What results did you see in those 9 months?

The attachment system of TheGrip is based on two rubber sleeves that give a grip just at the corona, so the pull is excellent. It is hard for me to know what results I have had with TheGrip. I started with it in Jan of 2003 and hung a total of 415 hours until mid Oct 2003, using 6 or 8 lbs. I like the lighter weights. I did try 10 and even 12 lbs, but it never felt good. I had been doing PE for 3 years prior to my using TheGrip, so most of my 1.5” gain (from 5.0 to 6.5 BPEL) had already been accomplished. But it sure did pull my flacid length out. By Oct 2003 I started to get water blisters right at the tip and finally gave it up I waited a year and and then started in again last month and have ahad no problems so far. I think that I had the trouble because I was doing a lot of pumping during that time too. I can only speak for myself, but the Grip is a whole lot more comfortable than Bib or Captain’s Wench, both of which I have and have used. It is hard to know what level of Hg is used, but it is very little, and you want to use as little as possible. With TheGrip I can easily hang for an hour in comfort using my light wts. Yes, parts do wear out but I have never had a problem in ordering them by phone. Last Monday I ordered 6 new sleeves and they were here yesterday. I have heard a lot of negatives about TheGrip and the people who run the store, but I have never had a problem. I don’t think that TheGrip will work for heavy weights and that may be where the complaints stem from. But if you are satisfied with 6 or 8 lbs, it is great and there is no bruising or discoloration of my unit at all.


Hey, you can find that device you described @

Here’s a helpful link:


You say you gained size from doing erect kegels? How is this possible?

I’m back to hanging with the Grip again. I average about 2 hours a day and get in about 5 days a week. No blisters so far. I am now at 462 hours since I started two years ago (After a year, I took a year off). I’m doing 8 lbs. I’ve tried 10 but it just isn’t comfortable. At 8 lbs, I can hang 45 min to an hour at one session. I note a slight gain.


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