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Hanging, uncut, confused

Hanging, uncut, confused

Hi folks Iv done a search but can’t find what I’m looking for, so any help would be brilliant.

1.When hanging uncut with a Vac hanger do I hang with my foreskin pulled back or with the foreskin over the head?

2.Do I need to wrap when hanging with a Vac Hanger, I know people do with bibs and other devices?

Welcome aboard, kimc :) .

1. I’m uncut, and I think that pulling back foreskin when using any kind of Vac-hanger is better.

2. By what I know, you don’t need to wrap while using vac-hangs. It could be beneficial wrapping after hanging, using the wrap like a traction device.

I wish you best gains. And ask here for any doubts.

Try both to find which you feel more comfortable.

I used to do it how marinera does, with the foreskin back. Now I do it with the foreskin forward. I find it more comfortable and I get less slippage and less head deformation.

I don’t wrap for the hanger, I use an “Anti-turtle” sleeve afterwards to help prevent retraction.

The VLC Tugger is a comfortable 24/7 device that depends essentially on vacuum. It requires (in fact depends on) your foreskin being rolled forward - not over the glans, but over the device. See how it works in this video:

Sorry about the logos and stuff. I’m working on a version that is not a sales vehicle (since XTube deleted this one and I’d like it to be back on XTube).


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