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Hanging Tips


Hanging Tips

“Ruler Packing” One thing I’ve found to be conducive to comfort and a nice consistent wrap while tightenng the hanger is to pay heed to the top area of wrap in relation to the BH top gap. Some of the skin pulls folks have spoken of can easily be eliminated by making sure the wrap does not get pinched-up into the top gap while tightening. One way to do this is with a common 12 in wooden ruler (50 cents) at most grocery stores. Copper strip is easily removed just by pulling with needle nose pliers and will do away with a nasty metal edge. Small dowels and pencils also work, but only if rounded and VERY dull. While tightening, simply use the edge of the ruler (or other narrow object)to push down on the wrap and keep it inside the hanger, taking care not to damage gel. Works great with sweatshirt material which has a tendency to bunch-up and wander. Also nicely postions penis lower in the well as well as eliminates uneven wrap torque, which I believe to be partly resonsible for some penis turning problems inside the hanger. Pays off while to tighten slow and allow penis to settle into the hanger while doing this, pulling out manually a few times during the process to set penis well. An extra minute or two spent on this portion of the activity buys many minutes of greater comfort. groa

Hot Water Bottle

This works well for heat application mainly while hanging out or in the horizontal. Filling a hot water bottle partially full creates a somewhat floppy, conformable heat pad which can be set at the penis/body junction, thereby freeing up both hands. Never falls off and wraps around about 2/3 of exposed penis circumference outside of hanger. One trick I’ve found to using a bottle for this and hot wraps is after filling to desiered level (of course bleeding out the air) is to let the bottle sit in a sink of hot water for a minute or two. Warms the outside nicley and doesn’t waste internal heat to warm the bottle itself. Also, if taken off halfway through session and cover with a towel or blanket, there is usually enough heat left in bottle to do a post session hot wrap, after which I like to achieve erection to further encourage recirculation to all parts in natural manner. groa

The Man

Groa, I admire you for your posts. I am a simpleton compared to how you express yourself.

When wrapping with the BIB, many a time (not always because my wrapping has a lot to be desired) I press down on the shaft between the BIB and the glan, which eliminates a lot of skin bunching. At the same time (I really mean on other ocassions), I press down on the shaft between the BIB and the base, which eliminates all skin pulling probs.

Man, do I have a lot to learn.




Hey, let me catch up. I really want to reply to the healing thread. Have not had time. Saved the best for last.

Anyway, I do not like the sound of the pushing down of the wrap. Something may be amiss.

Answer a couple things. Then, later I will get back to you and the other thread.

How much wrap are you using? Linear inches by width? How many layers does that make? How much top gap and bottom gap are there? Which type hanger? You are wrapping fairly loose right? Any toe in or toe out?


Wrap pushing.

As I mentioned earlier BIB, I should be wrapping better, buts that a different story. My skin is very loose, and so I suffer from the typical ‘drop’ after applying the wrap (that is all slides down the shaft). If I do a few kegels, and push down between glan and BH while tightening, the glan remains larger and the blood flow seems better. Sometimes however, all slides down, and I find the head the stopper if you wish.

I’m sure you know what I mean. When stared with low weights, there was absolutely no bunchng whatsoever, but as I increased weight I thought it possible to avoid (bunching that is, which you confirmed in answer to my post.

I ocassionally tighten so tight that it hurts a little even before applying the weight, but this is not pulling of the skin. This discomfort disappears almost immediately after applying the weights. I don’t know if perhaps I’m tightening too much, but otherwise the hanger slips over the head.


Wrap pushing


Hey now, no fair ganging up on me. I was writing to groa above. But it sounds as if you could use some help also.

By bunching, do you mean everything sliding down around the head, or just the wrap bunching somewhere?

>I ocassionally tighten so tight that it hurts a little even before applying the weight, but this is not pulling of the skin. This discomfort disappears almost immediately after applying the weights. I don’t know if perhaps I’m tightening too much, but otherwise the hanger slips over the head.<

This part sounds right on. I either tightened to the discomfort level before I applied the weight, or applied the weight as I tightened .

Let’s try an experiment. I do not know what you wrap with, but hopefully it is somewhat elastic. I want you to wrap just tight enough to where the head an upper shaft swell. Not too tight. You just want a good amount of pressure. Leave it that way for fifteen minutes, then while holding the wrapped area, slowly slide the wrap forward until the excess blood is gone. Then attach the hanger and weights. Let me know what happens.



By bunching, what I meant is that when I remove the hanger and wrap there is a bunching of skin around the glan. From what you told me in the past this is very normal. I personally don’t see any way of avoiding this, as regardless of how tight one places the BIB, it will ‘slide’ down even when the weight is placed.

As to the wrap 15 min before, totally out of my field of science as still learning, if you now what I mean. I am currently too eager to wait that time LOL.


groa/wrap specifics

My wrap is a two part, which I carelessly forgot to mention above! Thanx for reminding me of this. 18 in (2.5 in wide) Mueller underwrap followed by 15 in sweatshirt material (2in wide). The underwrap is the skin positioner and is fairly tight and also serves to eliminate any’s soft, but grippy between skin and sweatshirt. The sweatshirt is actually a firm cushion and serves to distribute the pressure and take up some space. It is neither loose nor tight, but this material has a tendency to sneak up into the top gap when tightening and can allow a crevice to form at the top under load. End of wrap is taped. Sweathirt does have a “curl” effect when cut and also may be too compressible. I experimented widely with postioning on bottom screws and came to the conclusion that no adjustment was better for me than the tight flush. Even distribution of pressure. I can see where therabanders might be an entirly different story for wrap tightness, I’ve never tried it but it sounds like a very different material than what I use. Tried chamois cloth and ace bandage, but didn’t like the firmness and discomfort. Another thing I didn’t mention above is that I always wrap erect v/s flaccid and use a slow tightening process while subsiding. This may account for some of the material (sweatshirt) creepage and repostioning lower with ruler. I like to pull the skin back tight on erection then puttig on the Mueller wrap as it keeps the skin behind hanger loose too allow shaft and lig stretch w/o skin tension (have plenty of skin to grow into). This may be why my technique is so strange and maybe applies to me or few others for even when erect, my skin is loose enough to slide around. Those are some details and reasons. Open to any suggestions…it sure would be nice to achieve this level of comfort and weight use with one easy wrap instead of a two part. groa Edit…BTW, I only spiral on the underwrap, the sweatshirt material really sucks for spiraling. I experimented ith wrap positions and found that if I start behind the glans with the underwrap, glans discomfort and a bunching effect was actually minimized.

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So the bottom is positioned all the way in. What is the top gap when tight?

How thick is the Mueller wrap? How many total layers of wrap?

To avoid the curl: After unwrapping, wrap the wrap around the handle of a screwdriver or something similar. Then just slide the wrap off of the handle and it is ready for the next time. No curls. You guys are getting all the good stuff.

Also, to make your wrap even. Cut the approximate dimensions you wish. Then, roll the wrap up and trim the ends off of the roll. Neat.


Bib, top gap of hanger is fairly small. The tips of the teeth are just starting to cross. Mueller wrap is a very thin, (1/8-1/16 in), type of soft open-celled foam. It’s stretchy so wrap numbers vary, but generally fall somewhere between 5-7. Sweatshirt material is around 5 wraps. Hard to quantify diameters when wrapped because these materials do compress alot in a hanger. Thanx for the tips, especially the roll and cut method. The ironing roll works well on the sweatshirt material, too. Two part wrap really isn’t a huge issue with me, as I do like the consistancy of the Mueller product in terms of skin control and also removal of wrap. It’s actually an underwrap breather for Ace bandages and casts. The more I think about it, the sweatshirt material and it’s behavior is the inconvenience requiring corrective measures and techniques. I have this tendency to solve problems by slop and jury rigging, followed by complacency when comfort or satisfaction is achieved. Comfort achieved, I settled for compensation measures instead of continuing material search and trial. Very willing to resume search at this point and experiment. Ace is out and Coban is too sticky, but open to other suggestions. Never saw theraband locally, but would consider ordering out if no easily availible, similar materials exist. Think a somewhat firmer, thinner, and more elastic material than sweatshirt will correct problem? More wrapping ability in terms of total wraps? Or anything else….? Thanx, groa.


This is great.

First, you have to realize the stresses have to end somewhere on the penis. The key is to have them end where you wish. Not distributed helter skelter along the penis.

I must have tried twenty to thirty different types of padding on the hanger before I realized it was counterproductive. The hanger is designed as a mirror of the circulatory system and nervous system of the penis. Too much added stuff within, serves to clog the system. The areas of high and low pressure have a purpose.

I have never had any success with any type of foam padding. I know what the mueller type wrap is now. It is not too thick and stretches a lot. It would be hard to get a solid septum of penis and wrap with this material. The less air within the wrap, the better. Think solid, but not too tight.

Also, it is very hard to get the wrapped septum solid enough when you wrap erect unless the wrap is very elastic and you wrap fairly tight (erect). If these conditions are not met, the wrap tends to want to fall apart. That is too loose.

Try this. Wrap with the sweatshirt material first. Then put a layer of elastic such as swimcap material over the top. Use enough wrap to where you have to let out the bottom adjustments some, and when tightened, the two sides push down from the top more. IOW, have the top gap smaller than the bottom gap.

Try this and let me know,


Thanx. Going to try to find some suitable material for this and also something to mess around with for a head size wrap in the future. Ace not good for this, either. May take a little time and searching, though. Around here, most swimcaps are actually vinyl…rubber is hard to find. Plenty of places to search for that or something similar. I’ll post how it works out. groa



You may be able to find blank gasket sheets at a hardware or automotive store, can’t remember what they are technically called, used for making custom gaskets. They just might have something thin enough. Let us know what you come up with.

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You never said. Did you eliminate the ruler packing yet?




Recently I tried positioning the BIB hangar way up on the shaft very close to the pubic bone. Seems like it pulls a of different things than if it’s further out on the shaft. A lot of skin, too! But feels ok overall.
Is this position ok? Is it dangerous? Does it have particular benefits?
Thanks very much

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