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Hanging Time VS ADS Time

Hanging Time VS ADS Time

Why do you think hanging is supposed to be done in smaller intervals than wearing an ADS. I have just started hanging with little weights and it seems like the exact thing as wearing my ADS. I am using a model that has silicon attached two a steel ball via magnets which is heavily concealable and also not that intense. Do you think it is ok to lengthen the time of my hanging sets to hours on end (2+) if I keep the weight low? Thoughts?

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More duration is better than more weight and people who hang 2 hours a day usually report more gains than people who hang 1 hour a day (do a search, you’ll find some threads about it). I don’t remember there was a mention of weights involved, but I assume those who hung 2 hours a day used less weight (for obvious reasons).

To answer your question, yes, hang as long as possible, it’s certainly better than increasing weight. However, things are not that simple. You’ll have to research the concept of “riding the fatigue”, hanging is more than just numbers, you have to listen to feelings in your ligaments as well.

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I think he’s wondering about the set length (the magical 20 minute barrier).

I’m kinda wondering myself as well, why I shouldn’t go further than those when I’m quite used to wear an extender for an hour or so before reapplying.

That length is set for clamping-style hangers (like the Bib’). The reason is : you are cutting blood flow. 20 minutes could actually be too much if the hanger is very tight.

FuzzyN, I think you are using the Anchor weight. It’s not really an hanger, more an ads. You can wear it for long time because it doesn’t cut circulation. Somebody reported that using that thing caused kinda an eczema, though. The extender works better than the anchor weights, I bet.

Marinera has got it right. With the Vac hanging system that I used I hung for up to an hour with no problem. But I’m pretty sure you cannot do that with a BiB Hanger and other clamp style hangers. Auto Xleeve ADS wearing can be compared to Vac style hanging but I do not believe (categorically) it is in the same vain as BIB style hangers. You just cannot wear that type of hanger all day.

I know what you are getting at though because that is how my hanging career started. With MB type Silicone sleeves and cap weights which soon turned into 3 1/2 now I’m up to four. But what I’m hoping you realize is that when most PEers think about “hanging”, they do not imagine Vac style first and foremost. Its BiB style hanging and that is why you get the funny disconnect of time spent hanging and ADSing.

I’ve never gone over an hour though with the Vac hanging system as I dont wrap and fluid build up can be very annoying.

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