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Hanging the missing key for slow gainers?

Hanging the missing key for slow gainers?

Just bought the bib hanger because well frankly, I have had minimal gains. Plus, I think it would be easy to play on my computer and hang, then to pay attention by manual stretching with my hands.

I am pretty sure that I can gain, but my ligs seem hard as steel. But we’ll see what I can do about that.

My question is: has anyone that is a slow gainer found that hanging is the missing key for you to achieve gaines? And I know everyone is different,but what should I expect for gains per month. My routine is this.

Hang in 15 min increments. Im thinking 15 BTC, 15 over left leg, 15 over right leg, then 15 more with a fulcrum for tunica work, then 15 BTC again for safe measure. Then 15 mins girth work. It might seem liek a lot, but I might break it up into two workouts, or throughout the day.

Thanks for you help, Ill be sure to keep everyone updated.


Im wondering that myself….Lately after reading bibs lot post and seeing where i stand,im seriously thinking of starting to hang…The time needed to hang can just be taken away from my fowfer time , and im sure that hanging would be more productive than that. And there wouldnt be any extra time added to my sessions.

Many people claim that hanging was the key for them…keep us posted mmac.

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I’d suggest getting one of those cheap plastic picnic chairs and, cutting a 9” across hole in the middle of it. Then you can sit and hang BTC. That’s what you should probably focus on the most. BTC.

I Have seen a glossary of terms here somewhere but I can’t find it. Would someone give me some direction please and what does BTC mean?

It was for me.

Running a Massive Co-Front.


Scroll down this page to the bottom. On the right hand side, you will see a link called, “PE FAQ and Glossary”. That might do it.

BTC= Between the Cheeks



I wouldn’t be so quick to reccommend BTC as the end all be all…. It depends on the young man’s erection angle, exit point, and LOT as well…..

This is the problem many guys had when people first started buying hangers….misinformation.

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Originally posted by Stillwantmore22
I'd suggest getting one of those cheap plastic picnic chairs and, cutting a 9” across hole in the middle of it. Then you can sit and hang BTC. That's what you should probably focus on the most. BTC.

Yep, just re-read my initial reply….nope…dont see where I said anywhere therein “hanging BTC is the end all, be all….”. It’s definitely the angle I would focus on most. He should obviously try other angles/hanging styles.

How about if erection angle is 10, and LOT is 8, exit point seems normal to high.


With an LOT of 8:00, you have some potential for gains from lig stretch. Work on the lower angles for a while.


Whats the most weight you should hang with and how long.

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