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Hanging standing vs. sitting

Hanging standing vs. sitting

Hey all,

I am not really a newbie, but have not posted enough to have earned the right to post in the members forum. I hope I can get my Q answered none the less - actually, I know it will. Thunderer’s rocks like that.

After two years of doing manual exercises and getting substantial gains (probably an inch in length and half an inch in girth) I have decided to switch up my routine and do some hanging.

Currently I am hanging standing up, once a day for one 15 minute session that starts with 3 minutes of 2 lbs, and then 12 minutes with 5 lbs. I see posts of people who do multiple sets multiple times a day with crazy amounts of weight, but that isn’t really my style. Less is more. Of course, I use a hot towel warm up, and then again about half way through my routine, and follow the routine with some light jelqing and stretching to get the blood flowing again.

My questions are these:

Can anyone give advice about hanging sitting down with the penis pointing out straight vs. Hanging standing up with the penis pointing downwards? Do you find one to be more effective than the other? Bib, I know your a pro, how do you do it? I read about hanging sitting down somewhere, but, honestly, I can’t see a good way to do it without a lot of unnecessary friction.

And my second questions is more of just a “what do you think” type of scenario concerning my wrapping and hanging. I am uncircumcised, but two years of PE have increased my length to the point where my foreskin does not really cover the glans - I can’t remember if it ever did, but even when I am flaccid it only really comes up to the corona. Anyway, what I do is I pull the foreskin back, wrap a nice piece of cloth behind the head, and then attach my hangar around the cloth. The majority of the stress is focused just behind the glans. The reason I started doing it this way is that wrapping over the foreskin caused a lot of movement, pinching, stress, and pain on the foreskin. This way causes me almost no discomfort, but the glans do tend to feel chilled at the end of my workout - I wouldn’t say cold, but certainly below average body temp. Is this OK? Suggestions?

Thanks guys,

I think it’s a good idea to stress the tissues at different angles. You can do a lot with a pulley. I’m not sure how much you’ve searched around here but there are quite a few threads on this subject with plenty of information. Also, I think you’ll have an easier time getting advice from bib over at his forums, so you might try that too.

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Thank you.

I didn’t realize Bib had his own forum.

And I constantly forget that TP has a search function =(

Different angles for different parts of the penis. SO hits my inner penis and tunica while SD goes for the ligs. You can still stretch SD and BTC sitting down. Move up to the edge of your chair and let your dick and balls hang in front. If you put your feet up on a stool so your knees are high you will get a very strong BTC lig stretch.


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I use a 4” pvc halfpipe tied to the front of my chair with a rope. I can hit SO, BTC, and SD all with this one simple device. I think there’s also less risk of the weight ‘catching’ on my chair.

I don’t think it really matters whether you’re standing, sitting, or hanging upside down—as long as you hit the angle you want to attack, it shouldn’t matter. The only problem with standing might be that it could interfere more with your daily activities. If you prefer standing, go for it, personally I prefer sitting.. call me lazy…

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