Hanging safety question

Hi guys,

Does anyone know from experience/scientific/anatomical perspective what are the desirable and undesirable characteristics to watch out for with hangers.

From what I’ve gathered thus far

- lateral compression is a plus
- noose style a minus/dangerous (although specifics of that are unclear to me, except for the obvious being too much pressure focused on a single point and/or perimeter)
- larger surface area to grip a plus
- Dorsal nerves may be damaged with too much pressure
- Nerves on underside easily damaged as well?
- If circulation is a concern at all with a particular hanger max. 20 min. sets

If anyone reads that list and has any information to add it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I think I have gone through all the recommended hangers but if anyone has something I maybe have missed they think is a great hanger please share :)


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