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hanging routine for base girth?

hanging routine for base girth?

I am looking to gain base girth and am wondering which directions best target base girth? Anybody that has gained significant amounts of base girth think they could give me any good suggestions for time/directions for base girth? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I made about an inch in base girth hanging btc. I noticed in the first 2 months my base girth jump fast. But just like fast gainer and slow gainers everybody is different.

Is there a good pic of a fulcrum and please not the one on the bib site. Also what kind of gains have guys been getting. I’ve been hanging rsdt for about a month but I really don’t know what I should be feeling or is it working. I Hung btc up to 40 lbs. I loved it. I wanted to start a new thread but it wouldn’t let me. Could someone post a rsdt gain thread. And maybe some pics

Originally Posted by atlyroc
I Hung btc up to 40 lbs

That’s hell a lot of weight, how come your dick is still in place? :)

It’s not it’s hanging down my leg now

I would think SO and higher angles would give you the biggest chance of gaining basegirth from hanging, because these angles target the entire tunica. Not everyone experience basegirth gains from hanging though.

What do the acronyms BTC, so, and any others regarding hanging positions mean, please? :)

BTC - behind the cheeks

SO - straight out

SD - straight down

SU - straight up

OTS - over the shoulder

UTL - under the leg

OTL - over the leg

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