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hanging questions


hanging questions

Was wondering do any use a ricesock or heat-pad while hanging? I tried this and it takes away from the soreness/fatigue feeling and hope it adds more gains. I read a thread about heat expands ligments or something or rather and was really good for length gains, but lost the thread…

Also does anyone know if its more effective to pyramid your work out or stay at the same weight throughout your workout? By pyramiding I mean for example: I start at 10lb for 1-2 20 min sets, then go to 8lb for 2-3 sets, then go to 5lbs. Sometimes the amount of sets per weight varries depending on how I feel, but I try for 6 sets a day.

Also would a mod be kind enough to move this to the hangers forums :D

PS I made a $5 contribution today and proud of it :D

There are a couple people that have said that using heat while hanging will keep everything “loose” and helps to get a longer stretch. A lot of people use infared lamps if they are doing this.

Also you want to start out with the higher weight and move down. Esentially you want to “ride” the fatigue you get with lower weights which reduces the risk of injury. Also you don’t need to use static amounts of weight every day. Your penis changes and grows all the time so it makes sense it needs different amounts of stress to go grow.

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Yeah I been using a rice sock while hanging, and it kinda like a icy-hot effect, not sure if it will increase gains but I’ll keep at it for a while. I guess I got worried because for a week I couldnt get fatigue at all, but its all better now :D and I have some gold weights coming in the mail…finally!

Oops forgot, when I use the rice sock during hanging I seem to reach fatigue fasters and feel more comfortable hanging 20 min sessions instead of 15min ones. Can someone else try this an tell me if this is just in my head or its working for them too?

What you are doing is pretty standard fare. Hanging with heat is thought to benefit the process for all of the reasons you have noted.

One way of using heat to great effect:

5 min warm up - Apply heat and stretch at all angles (while wearing hanger)
20 min sets - Apply heat for first 10 mins of each set/ no heat for last 10 mins of each set
Final set - no heat at all


For the first few months of my pe I warmed up with the rice sock and hated the waiting around while things warmed up, and I just was not convinced of it’s value, so about two months ago I eliminated the heat and quite frankly I don’t see a difference. What I do do as a “warm-up” is hang lighter weight for a few minutes, sometimes as long as 10 minutes or so, then go to my max which is currently 15 lbs.

5 lbs. seems awfully light to me. When I question whether I should go light or heavy I think back to Bigger’s posts about not getting great gains until he went very heavy, something like 40 lbs. I doubt I’ll ever get to 40 but 20’s is acheivable.

Btw, I’m not advocating heating or not heating, I’m just experimenting. I may go back to heating later on.

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I think heat is good advice for all aspects of PE. Heat during, cool down extended. Cappy is right about hanging, though. I heat first set for 20 min, second set for 10 and no heat on last 20 min set, then wear the wrap or golf weights until the next session. Keep her extend while she cools down, matey. Never let that scallywag cool all shrunk up and turtled inside or she’ll stay that way.

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Big Girtha,

You’ve got the right Idea as far as I’m concerned. My gains from the same routine are very consistent. The only difference I’ve found is that my schedule doesn’t allow me the ability to hang every day but every second or third day, and I still get the gains. I know that the heat has a great influence and I know that there is a specific temperature that the ligs will relax under I just don’t know exactly what that temp is. Toasty warm seems to work though. That’s about as close as I can get.

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That sounds good Capt, I’ll try the 1/2 heat 1/2 no heat suggestion, last set no heat. Love your hanger by the way it started me on this whole hanging thing.

I hate to wait for the rich sock too man, so I know where you are coming from wanagebig, Im topping 10lb right now 1 1/2 month into hanging daily. I think I can handle more but I been debating if I should try to go up in wieghts as well. I get fatigued about 1-2 sets at 10lbs, I dont know is that good? I thought so but then again I jsut started it. But I can’t even imagine 40lbs o my dick, I hope when I reach that size I am at least have like a foot long dick or something :D .

Big Girtha thanks again for the great advice I order some golf weights finally its under the name “swing wieght donut” if anyone else had trouble finding them, and can’t wait to add them to my routine. I’m also getting a pump from Kaplan after talking to you and will try pumping again, maybe they have some referal program where you get a tube free or something

Heating for only the first half of each set has been passed on as “the best way” because that’s what Bib did. That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best approach.

Before my good electric heating pad went to heaven I often heated before, during, and between sets, keeping the heat on as continuously as possible and only cooling down during the last set.

Heating for half of each set isn’t enough time, only 5-10 minutes. Remember, you’re applying heat to the skin in an attempt to heat the deeper structures. Ideally you want the connective tissue to be at least 104 degrees (104-112, IIRC) while it’s being stretched. Since that temp is difficult to attain and maintain with most heating methods, I think we’re better off keeping everything as toasty as possible for the entire hanging session except for the very end. Allow the tissue to “freeze” in place only on the last set while still under load.

So you are saying its better to heat most of the sets except for the last. and also in-between sets as well? I was looking at getting one of those electric heating pads, jsut got to find one….somewhere.

>So you are saying its better to heat most of the sets except for the last. and also in-between sets as well?

Yes, I think so. Otherwise you’ll waste too much time coming back up to a useful temperature.

Warning: many (most?) modern heating pads are wimpy and don’t get very warm, even on high.

Hobby what heating pad were you using? Did that provide a good non wimpy temperture?

Also I’m hanging now with a rice sock and its gotten my ass so hot I’m sitting in a pool of sweat in my chair, but want to finish my set first….damn hot weather. :(

My good heating pad was from the 1960’s, maybe even before. It didn’t have a brand name on it.

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