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Hanging questions

Hanging questions

I just received my bib starter hanger in the mail today and needless to say I am very excited to start hanging! Before I do though I would like to ask a few things.

1.Should I continue to wet jelq with my hanging routine?

2.I’ve been reading up on this topic and I see your supposed to squeeze the blood out of your glans just before you start a set, how do you know when you have sufficiently squeezed the blood out?

3. I’ve had a lot of trouble understanding the angles, I understand the Straight down but how the heck are supposed to hang BTC?

4.I’ve been thinking of building a pipe stretcher ADS devices for myself, would it be safe/smart to incorporate a light ADS with my routine?

5. The guide says to do light jelqs in between hanging sets, do they mean like a flaccid type jelq?

you shoudl ask all this to Bib at his Forum, He is a well known helpful man. I have asked similar questions to him without even having a hanger and he has always replied.

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Will do thanks.

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