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Hanging question

Hanging question

To some of you more experienced hangers. Is it ok do do kegels while hanging or should this be avoided? I’m currently hanging between 3 and 5 times a day 4-5 times a week along with some lite pumping. Thanks in advance.

mr. e,

I always tried to do kegals while hanging. I thought of it as simply an extension of multi-tasking that went well with hanging.

After a while, it becomes almost automatic, and you do not have to concentrate while doing them.


Try some reverse kegels or ab crunches, too!

I’ve yet to acheive the nirvana of automatic kegels like Bib, though!


Please by all means, kegel and experiment like Bib and Grower said. Be creative, listen to you dick, research this forum, learn and experiment and I am sure you will meet your goals.


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