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Hanging question

Hanging question

So I’ve been hanging about 2 months now, I almost got to 8 pounds but I didn’t want to go up higher because it seems like the more weight I put on, the more my penis reacts bad to it.Like I haven’t seen any gains what so ever but at least when I was on 5-6 pounds my flaccid felt better and it got erect faster and harder. What should I do?

How long were you hanging at 6 lbs? Did you feel any ligament strain or fatigue at that weight level?

It just feels like a good pull, I don’t know really what to look for. I did have some discomfort with the higher weights like 7. When I read it’s supposed to be a pound a week I didn’t know how that was possible because as I was going higher it seemed to not want to get up anymore and stay up.

You don’t have to increase the weight by a pound a week, and you don’t want to unless you need to to get a sense of fatigue. Different people describe fatigue differently, but you should feel something (strain, burning, itching, etc) at the base of the penis where the suspensory ligaments attach and you might have some soreness in this area after hanging. If you are feeling this, don’t increase the weight unless you go a couple of months or so with no gain.

You may be experiencing some skin stretch still and that may take a few weeks at a new weight level until the skin accommodates the increased weight. If you are experiencing negative physiological indicators, I would stay at the lower weight level until your penis adjusts before moving up even if you are not feeling fatigue. You might not experience any gains until you get up to 10 or 12 lbs, but you have to let your penis tell you how slowly or quickly you can get up to this weight level.

Ok thanks redbear so much for clearing that up. I just thought if I stayed on 1 weight for too long it might have an effect on gains.

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