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Hanging question

Hanging question

I don’t know why but I’m locked from posting anywhere else but noob but anyways, my question is.I have a high erection level, it points up, so should I hang over the shoulder? I’ve been just hanging it down.

Should not hang with an erection. But if you must, try standing on your head and hands and let it hang down.

Oh I didn’t mean erect, I was just wondering if that made a difference because of my erection angle.

According to the LOT(Loss Of Tugback) theory, standing straight up, holding your flaccid unit by the tip and stretching your flaccid unit straight up would be close to the 12 o’ clock position, then flexing your PC/BC muscle, you should feel a tugback at the tip and the base. Moving to the 11 o’ clock position, you would do the same test.. Flex the PC/BC muscle while stretching your flaccid unit out and holding at the tip, and with the other hand feeling around the base area you may feel a loss of tugback at the tip or you may not. Then go to the next position if you notice no loss of tugback. Whenever you experience a loss of tugback at the tip, that is your LOT number. Some guys have a LOT of almost straight up(11), some have an LOT straight out(9), some have straight down LOT(6). It seems the theory suggests that if you have an LOT above a 6 or 7, then you will get most benefit from deforming the ligaments, which is best achieved by hanging BTC(between the cheeks). If you have an LOT of 6 or 7, then you may benefit more from tunica stretches such as OTS(over the shoulder) or fulcrum stretches.

This is just some basic theory that can be found throughout this forum as well as others and somebody please give credit where credit is due because I’m not sure of the creator of this theory.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, or please add details to this theory as I know I only mentioned the LOT and not the palp test, etc.

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