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Hanging Question

Hanging Question

I have been hanging for like a week now. When I am done hanging my penis would become cold. I was wondering if hanging, with like a heated washcloth, would provide more gains?

I’ve been hanging for about 2 weeks now and after hanging i have never ever had the penis become cold.

It could be attributed to the fact that I’m using the vacuhanger which apparently minimises the circulation being cut off.

From other threads Cold = bad.

Godzuki is right about the circulation problem.

I think heated washcloth or IR lamp while hanging will accelerate the gain, as the tissue is more pliable. I don’t know if it will solve the coldness problem, but surely heat will help blood circulation as well.

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Try to warm up before and after every hanging session. Use a rice sock or a piece of towel with hot water, and always check your penis during your hanging routine. Maybe you should turn off the AC, or turn on the heat in your house/room :D .

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