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Hanging Question

Hanging Question

I was wondering if having the weight hang strait down and having it swinging back and forth at the same time would help with loosening the ligs. Just a thought I had!


A few people do this. A guy called ‘loose nzzz’ or something like that based his routine around swinging weights and got good gains. His routine might still be around on this board or the peforums, so look that up.

Good Luck


Thanks SS4Jelq, I’ll do just that.


When in the BTC position, I swing-ever so gently.

When in the straight out position, seated in a tilting/revolving office chair. I tilt and turn in all direction’s-pulling my wacker to the limit.

"If you build it, they will come".

I like to swing the weight side to side while standing to hit the ligs from a different angle. I count a complete swing from one side to the other as one rep. IOW using the left leg as a reference point, each time the weight touches that leg I count 1 rep. I try to do 100 reps that way, and then another 100 front to back. I haven’t tried to swing the weight in the btc position, but I can tell you that you can definitely feel a difference when swinging as opposed to just hanging in a static position. However, this should be done with EXTREME caution, as it is probably much more likely to lead to injury than a static hang. Also, I have found that the hanger is much more likely to slip when you swing the weight. Listen to your body and take it slowly if you should decide to try this.

Stretching in the sun

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