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Hanging Question: Fatigue or not


You are right to add weight if after 20min there is no appreciable fatigue. One thing you will notice if you are hanging too much weight and that is the increased resistance of the main ligature i.e. you will experience a shortening or retraction of the penis in response to the force. It is just the penis trying to protect itself from falling off, so if you are experiencing a good stretch your shaft will elongate to its maximum length. Hanging induces a tearing of the cellular structure that forms the main suspensory ligature and primary tendons. To gain maximal effect you should hang straight down for 20min and then hang the weight over your left and right thigh for 20min (to effect tendons). It is also recommended that upon completion of the sets that you wrap your penis with a elastic bandage to maintain the stretched condition for about 30min. In this way you enhance the structural change and help to cement deformation. The bandage should be snug to maintain the condition but loose enough to provide returned circulation to your member. If the exercise is done properly and Britney Spears stops by to release some sexual tension you will have to advise her to see your next door neighbor.


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