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Hanging question(Bib Hanger)

Hanging question(Bib Hanger)

So when I have been hanging(Bib Hanger), I usually hang staight down. But after about 3-5 minutes, the head of my penis gets purple and swollen a bit. When I take the weights off, the color goes away and back to near normal. It is only when I apply the weights that I get the discoloration. Why would this be, and is it normal and alright for the time? I do warm up and warm down with a rice sock,so pre and post circulation hasn’t been a problem.

Do you squeeze out the head before applying your final wrap and then the hanger?

Originally Posted by BusterHymes
Do you squeeze out the head before applying your final wrap and then the hanger?

I don’t understand what you mean by this. I start the wrap from just below the head at the glans, and then continue down to 4+ inches down and then back to middle. It is not too tight, as I can piss with it on. When I apply the hanger, I attach it at about the middle of my shaft, or sometimes lower so as to be able to grab the head of my penis to give it an extra stretch after it has been hanging for a bit. When I apply the weights, it pulls the wrap, hanger, and skin down closer to the head. If I were to try and tighten the hanger more, it cuts off any circulation, so I try not to tighten it to have that happen.

When you apply the wrap, you need to have the head squeezed tight in your holding hand (non-wrap hand). This keeps the blood flow out of it while you set up the wrapping. Basically you are compressing the glans to push blood out of it so that when you wrap and then apply the hanger, the glans doesn’t become overpressurized.

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