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Hanging point of attachment

Hanging point of attachment

I have been using a device called the Trac-Man. The device consists of a pump like tube and a traction stand. The majority of the pull seems to be near the base of the penis and the angle of pull is at a 90 degree angle. My question is, does it matter where the main pull is placed on the penis for length gains? The Grip System seems to pull from the head, The Bib Hanger seems to pull from mid shaft, The Trac-Man close to the base. Is one point of attachment superior to another for length gains?


the further back the attachment is the more skin you stretch, so if it is far back you will be stretching skin for a while. But skin is the easiest thing to stretch so that wont take long. Once thats done you will be able to put the attachment further back and still stress the ligs, but I would still prefer to put it mid-shaft, an inch behind the head is the usual, because I find that the further down it is the more stress is on the ligs, but I dont want it too close to the head if I can help it.

hope this helps

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