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Hanging Pain . . .

Hanging Pain . . .

Does having pain in the urethral area mean I should stop hanging for awhile or just not go up on the weight until the pain stops?

Am concerned about the pain because it stopped me from hanging once before. Don’t want any setbacks this time. I’m hanging 3.5 lbs. for 20x2 per day. In second week of hanging. Appreciate comments.

Later . . LS

Before I start I want to tell you that I am fairly new to this too. Through the reading that I have done, I have found that starting slowly is the best rule of thumb. And pain is never a good sign. Personally, I hang too but I am only hanging once a day. I started at 2.5 lbs/10 min, I have worked my way up to 3.5lbs/15 min. Be careful of pain during your hang or a cold penis at the end of your hang time. If either occurs, back off to a more comfortable weight/time. Remember that your in this exercise is for the long haul and that you only have one penis, Take care of it!!!



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The question should be, from what does the pain originate?

IMO, any pain is bad and when you feel it, you should stop until you can pinpoint the source.

If the pain is from the stress acting on the tissues, then stop, at least for a day or so.

But with urethra pain, it could be that your bottom gap is not wide enough, and there is too much pressure on the area. If the pain is coming from the area covered by the hanger, this is probably the case. Try a little wider adjustment.

If not, and it is from the stress, back off. But any weight less than five pounds will probably not cause pain from stress in the urethra. It is very elastic, kind of like blood vessels and usually stretches easily.


Are you using a bibhanger? I had the same problem when I was hanging with the regular one but when I started using Bib starter were all of those problems gone.

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Nostradomus, greetings:

I agree with Bib — try first to locate the cause, and work to eliminate it. Also, you might try 10min. sets, instead of 20mins. I also had difficulties with hanging, but I’m doing fairly well with 10min. sets (at the moment, hanging 15lb straight out and 12.5lb BTC). Good luck.

Thanks for all the advice. Bib, loosening the bottom gap and making it wider solved the problem. Thanks as always!

Later . . LS


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