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Hanging only??

Hanging only for gains??

Within a few weeks I am going to start hanging. Do I need to do it in combination with jelqing or can I focus on building my hanging time up?

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

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Ow, again.

Need to do light jelqing. (most important hanging thread)
Never mind.

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

Yeah, I’m hanging now and light jelqing after a bunch of sets which really seems to be the perfect combo for gains. I started hanging seriosuly with light weights for many many sets for a couple days now and then jelq afterwords both BTB and normal jelqing and my dick hasn’t been so healthy and big in a long time after manual stretching, jelqing, squeezing, kegels, ADS, etc…

I really believe I am finnaly on to something here after the newbie gains I had. My gains slowed down tremendously after about the first 6 months and now if I continue with this everything seems like it will go well for stedy gains in the future. :)

Just don’t forget to have a good ADS available for those days in between sessions to prevent loss of gains.

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I already got your weights Monty! ;] I do have a question; I have had a decon break for almost a month. I don’t like to step in the newbie routine again. Can I start with hanging right away after my decon break?

My penis is already trained. (I did Pe from 10 feb till 3 november)

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

I hung for a year without a girth program I did a bit of jelqing now and than for penis health. I made length gains but I also lost some girth except at the base. The girth came back very fast when I switched to a girth routine.

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Dino, just to clarify for scared newbies, the girth you lost was girth gained through PE, right? (Presumably because you were taking time off from girth exercises and hadn’t “cemented” girth gains.)


Sounds to me like you should be able to start a light hanging program now. You have enough PE experience that you’ll know how to do it safely and build up slowly and sensibly over time.

I thinkk the best conditioning for hanging is hanging. Basically what I mean is start slowly with light weights and gradually over the coming months increase time and weight. If you do this there shouldn’t be any need to jelq in order to condition your penis.

Excuse me, guys, what is supposed to be a light weight for a 7” penis in terms of pounds?

Start at 2 or 3 lbs. Whether your dick is 2 feet long or 1 inch you have to start light. And move up slowly. READ HANGING 101

It has been said before allot of times about the amount of weight to hang. The correct amount to use is the least amount it takes to reach fatigue after hanging 3-20 minute sets SD. You should start to feel the fatigue in the last half of the last set. Too much weight is when you can’t finish a set or your last set.

I would start with say 3lbs for a week and then move up to 5lbs. Try to stay at 5lbs till you reach fatigue even if it takes more sets. Once you start to feel the fatigue use the least amount of weight it takes to keep you there. Instead of moving up in weight you can start to hang more in the BTC and not have to use more weight. Only move up in weight when you can’t reach fatigue and you are hanging all sets BTC.

Just a reminder to newbie hangers, your going to have to stretch the skin before you feel it in the ligs.

Yea that skin stretch period is a real bitch. I can’t have any hair when I hang so I Nair it. Shaving leaves razor burn.

I would also recommend manual stretching throughout the day when you are not hanging. I stretch by grabbing my penis palm down with my left hand just behind the glans and form an OK ring with my right index finger and thumb around the base and then pull in opposite directions. I do this for one minute about 8 times a day with the critical times being just after waking and just before going to bed. This, combined with hanging about 3 sets a day, has helped me to maintain my gains and actually gain a little more. I believe that my gains (3” elbp) would have come much quicker had I used this technique from the beginning. I think that this is a good substitute for wearing an ADS. However, I would never discourage anyone from using an ADS in conjunction with hanging if they have the time.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

So you pull 8 time’s one minute in opposite directions? Like five sec in all the directions?

And I guess you don’t use a warm up in those eight time’s during the day stretching?

I do think the technique good help a lot, and wow man, you gained 3”. You’re living a dream!

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

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