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Hanging no sore ligs

Hanging no sore ligs

This is my first post. Hopefully someone can help.

I’ve be hanging of and on for a while. My question is I started back up with BTC 7.5lbs 20 minutes in the morning and night 6 days a week with a vac hanger. I’m not feeling any soreness at all.

Do I increase the weight or do I increase the time here. I read all the time about how people get sore but not me

Can some one shead some light on this


This is the advice Bib gives, seems a good approach.

You must start at a low weight, 2-5 lbs, for 2-3 sets only. (Sets should be no more than 20 minutes long, with 10 minute rest periods in between, to return full circulation.) Then, add sets until you reach your available privacy time (max 4 hours, 8 20 minute sets). Then, you can begin to add weight, 1-2 lbs per week, until you reach fatigue within the first set or two. That weight is what I call the current max weight. Then, reduce the weight in subsequent sets as needed to remain comfortable.

From there, only increase your max weight when you no longer reach fatigue within the first set or two. Also do this slowly, increasing your max weight only 1-2 lbs per week.

Please don't start out at high weights. The soft tissues, skin, nerves, blood vessels, smooth muscle, must have time to adapt. Further, you must learn how the hanger works, and it is much safer, and easier to do this at lower weight. You can then adapt your technique as weight goes up.

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Thanks for the info. As for me going back in weight doesnt seem right. I’m not even sore at 7.5lbs why go back to 5. Also I really don’t have 4hrs a day to hang. That means I would need to get up at 2 am to be at work by 7. Does anyone else have any suggestions


You’re missing the point. You DO NOT need 4 hours a day. You just need to hang at your max weight and then decrease in successive sets…your max weight is determined by whatever fatigues you in the first set or two. So, for you, if you can now do 7.5lbs…and let’s say you can do 1.5 hours a day…do 7.5lbs for all your sets (because it seems easy for you now and is not fatigue-ing).

Since you are not getting fatigued, raise the weight of your sets in the rate of 1-2lbs a week until you start getting fatigue in the first two sets….then drop down as needed. You should HAVE TO drop down after 2 sets. Got it? Bibs advice is the best.

Currently, I hang for 4 sets a day, every morning. I start with 30lbs and decrease down to about 20lbs by my last set.

Is there some reason your entire post is in bold Ruz? Is that meant to indicate it was Bib who said that? Your advice is fine, although I get the feeling splking1 isn’t brand new to hanging.

As far as the best strategy, it seems to me there are a lot of ways to go.

Personally, I would not increase the load, but I would increase the number of sets. One twenty minute set is fairly minimal. If you can handle one set of this weight without fatigue that’s good in my opinion. I’m a big believer in longer time with less force.

bubba77’s suggestion, informed by Bib, is fine. Hanging until fatigue sets in and then dropping down the weight. It’s a bit more intense, and in my opinion, it may not be any more effective.

The real question is: are you gaining? If you are then don’t change anything. If not, then consider your options.

I’m assuming you’re using some sort of ADS, splking1 (golf weights, Monty’s weights, or the Vacu-Hanger head with the stretch cord and leg strap)? I’m also hoping you are making proper use of heat (warming-up prior and between sets), etc.

Maybe tell us what your whole routine is?

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Thanks for the good info. Yes I’m using monty weights as an ADS. Only 2 for now. Which seems the best for me I can wear them for about 8-10hrs. And for heat that already taken care of with a heating pad.

My routine is pretty simple. I hang 6 days a week. One 20 minute set am and one PM. Followed my 100 jelg and a few squeez. Looks like I need to up the time of hanging. With the vac hanger what should be the max time with that? Alot of people state that they can hang for 45 minutes with out any circulation problem. Do you think I should give that a try? Or split it up. Only thing sucks is getting that damn vac hanger

Thanks for all your guys input

Not to broken record but, you need way more time with the weights. Bib recommends over 10 hours a week. I don’t think 20mins twice a day is much at all. I know it is a bitch to find time, sometimes you sit and weigh it out, an hour of hanging, or an hour more of sleep? For me the sleep usually wins out, so I am with you man.

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Splking1, are you seeing any results with this routine?

The danger with the Vacu-Hanger is not circulation, it’s lymph blisters. The thing is, it’s so comfortable that you can easily put it on and forget, particularly if you are doing something else. You need a timer or something and make sure to keep your sets to 20 minutes, with 10 minute breaks in between.

I’d say your routine is good as it is, but would add two or three more 20 minute sets at night (with 10 minute breaks in between) and see how well you tolerate that.

Before: I'd like to show you something I'm very proud of, but you'll have to move real close.

After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time. - Robin Williams (:

You are all forgetting that Bib used to work at home, so he had no problem with time. Doing a lot of sets isn’t convenient for all of us.

Maybe you should add more weight, I don’t think that adding weight in small amounts, as long as you don’t feel any discomfort, could be that bad for you. It’s that easy: if it hurts stop.

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Thanks for everyones input. I’ve moved up to 2 sets at 25mints in the morning and night with 7.5lbs. Ill see if that works. Been doing that for a week now. To be honest still no differnce.

Use 10 pounds.

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