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hanging length versus erect length?

hanging length versus erect length?

When your dick is hanging, should the length that it is while hanging be the same length that you are when you are erect?

I would think that, in order to make gains you would have to hang in a stretched state.

Of course, it’s pretty impossible to make a consistent measurement between BPEL and BPFSLITH, Yssup.


Actually what I meant was-The length that it is stretched out to while you are hanging, is that going to be how long you are when you are erect? So IOW, when we gain, will our dick hang longer?

During hanging my glans is not engorged and I assume the difference between my erect shaft length and flaccid stretched length can’t bridge this difference in glans size.

Your stretched length will grow as well as your erect length but it won’t be 1 on 1.

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