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Hanging - Jelqing - BOTH?

Jelking? Hanging? BOTH?

Seems this group is divided into roughly 2 groups - “hangers” and jelkers - with undoubtedly some doing both?

Makes me ask, is one method any better than another as far as lengthening is concerned? Or perhaps a mixture of both is a good idea? Or is it NOT recommended to mix the 2?

It HAS seemed to me that along with expanding the capacity of the cavernosa (sp), the tendons along the penis must ALSO be stretched, otherwise the lengthening penis would curl up like a clockspring! Also seems the pure jelking ALONE wouldn’t be as efficient in stretching those tendons as hanging - and hanging alone wouldn’t do much for enlarging the cavernosa?

So, for length gains AND circumference, perhaps a good combo of BOTH methods is advised? What advantages/disadvantages do each present? Advantages? Is there a difference in time as to when gains are obtained between the 2 methods?


A wise man once said, “It is easier to stretch a thin cable than it is a fatter one.” Or something to that effect. It was Bib and if anybody has any experience with gaining length, it is him. I believe he did both jelqing and hanging for awhile, but the jelqing was probably just to restore circulation.
This is not to say you can’t gain length without hanging, plenty of guys have. But I think Bib has a point about going for length first, then working on your girth.

He may come along here in a bit and correct me if I’m wrong. :)

EDIT: MrAverage, for a little inspiration, track down the posts by Boxcar.

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I don’t know what the best way of doing it is. See, it is impossible to do a blind study on PE and have really accurate records. First, because it becomes increasingly harder to get gains as time goes on. Second, everyone grows at different rates. Third, you can not try two different techniques on the same guy at the same time to see which is better.

But, I will give you my opinions.

Over the years, it is probably safe to say that guys have received more length gains by hanging than any other technique. I also gained a good amount of girth at the base. Others report this as well. I did light jelqing during the period I was hanging, mainly for the circulation benefits. This was usually with 50% erection level or less, and not much force. The intense manual exercises cause a shaft soreness that makes hanging difficult. So if you want to do both at the same time, do the hanging first, or on different days.

T is correct, I would recommend going for length first, and then girth. Just makes good sense. There is a thread in this section somewhere with the reasons.

Then after you have the length, I think Ulis or any of the squeeze techniques are best for gaining girth. They cause a higher internal pressure, and seem to me to be more time efficient. If you use an Uli thing or hanger to produce the pressure, there is not a lot of irritation due to friction as with intense jelqing.

I only know of one or two guys offhand that have made really good gains from jelqing alone. I mean over two inches. One would be JAPP. A lot of guys gain an inch or so in length from jelqing. They do seem to gain some girth along the way as well.

This problem is twofold. One, to continue gains, it becomes increasingly harder because the increased ‘strength’ of the penis requires increased stresses. Many guys report a plateau at .75-1 inch. There is a limit to the amount of stress you can place on an erect penis without harm. Then, the amount of time you have to work to get more gains becomes increasingly longer. It takes time and usually two hands to perform the manual techniques.

With hanging, you know exactly what stresses you are exerting on your member, the angles, etc. But also, it is passive. You can do just about anything exept host a dinner party while you hang. Maybe there are some other things you can’t do. But anyway, if you watch TV or surf for a couple hours per day, you can multi-task with hanging, and make it productive time.

Further, I think you will find the majority of injuries come from manual techniques. There has been only one major injury that I recall from PE. That was Forge. He had a weakened tunica from Peyronies I believe. He was hanging with a noose type hanger and tore the tunica. He did recover. The other injuries are generally caused by high internal blood pressure, or irritation due to friction. Thrombosed veins, red spots etc. Hanging does have a high incidence of discoloration around the circ scar. Most guys can get rid of it by wrapping and using arnica.

I still jelq several times per week. Not for very long, and not for gains. But I think it is a good idea just for the circualtion within the penis. Manual angioplasty. Before PE, my erections were quickly headed downhill. Now, they are better than in my twenties. I think most of that is due to jelqing and kegals. When I die, I will probably be holding my dick.

So, you should be thoroughly confused now.


Hi everyone,

Im new on this forum but ill give my two cents anyway. I agree with Bib in that hanging and jelking should not be done at the same time. I mean, the other day, I had a good hanging workout where my penis was fatigue. I did my light jelk for circulation as usual then I retired. That same evening in the shower, I decided to wrap up with a good jelk, so I got my partial erection and did my jelks as normal. Not too hard because fatigue was still evident in my penis.Within two minutes I saw blood coming out,not much but enough to cause my partial erection to go limp. I did not panic but I was able somehow to work up another partial to see if the same thing would happen, and to my amazement it did. I did this about three more times with the same results, then I realize that when we hang properly, there are some tissues that we tear that needs to be left alone in order for repairs to take place.By jelking, we are overdoing it and defeat the whole purpose of either excercise. Ive been jelking for about 8 months but was very inconsistent because of my busy schedule. Trying to find 20 minutes on a stressful day to jelk didnt work for me. It took about 10 minutes to work up an erection with alot of other things on my mind, then two minutes into the jelk, the erection is gone. There I am, jelking with a 10 % at most erection, or none. Completely waisting my time. But now, I can escape for 20 mins and hang with good results. So please if you really want length, purchase a Bib hanger and dedicate the next 12 months to strictly hanging and very light jelking for circulation. And please dont say that $90 is too much to add length to your dick. At least it is permanent. You dont comlain about spending over $100 for a pair of tennis that will last a few years at most.


Hi guys,

after reading this post i wrote i could just kick myself. It is totally wrong. My appologies. My bleeding was from an injury from hanging heavy

( 15-17lbs ) with blood in the penis head. This caused some rupture somewhere and blood leaked in the urethra hence all of the bleeding. Ive rested 7 days since, thanks to the advice of Bib and Hugeness and havent experienced bleeding since. Now i do light jelking after each hanging session.

So instead of us being like Cowboys, “dying with their boots on” we are going to die with our “dick in our hands.” lol


And a jar of lube in the other. LOL…

Now this is gold for me

I am glad I read this tread. I think I will be going for the length first, and If I died, I’ll take my bib hanger with me, for my other life hahahaha… thanxs guys. This is great Info. Now I am starting to understand the facts on enlargements, Ron


this is what i’m talking about adding the LENGTH. I’ve been doing the kelgs for almost a week and was about to start on jelks but now I primarily want to start on hanging then light jelks with that. Where do I sign up :) . You all talking about having dick in hand when dead I want to goto beach and have dick and hand ” and with ice cream bell in the other “get your white cream here… lots of white cream ” heee heee.. i’m having the same problem lots of other guys are having … it go limp to quick. Which should work itself out with my jelks.

Where do I sign up… how do i order my bib weight set :)

email me if you want

So where do I sign to change my name to Dirk Diggler??


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