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Hanging imposible?

Hanging imposible?

Hanging impossible? have tried almost everything nothing will stick to my dick :( have tried the loop tape numerous home made hanging devices the swim cap you name it :( the thing is that my dickheads “neck” is very “low” so it makes it very hard so fare impossible to make anything stick :( any last ideas before i give up?

ps by doing manual stretches will i make my for skin too long so it end’s up flapping around?


Did you try the homemade bib or AFB hanger?



Bib is being modest. Sure, your could build a hanger but WHY??? Buy yourself a REAL Bib hanger… you will not regret it.

As far as stretching the skin by manual stretching… some stretching will occur but unless you are ONLY pulling on the skin you should not have anything to worry about. I do a fair amount of manual stretching and am careful to pull the skin tight away from my grip (towards my body) so that I am pulling on the underlying tissues and not skin.

if you have no concept of being semi-mechanically inclined like myself, buy one. I own both of the hangers. I recommend it. Nicely produced and a bargain for the money. You get a shitload of feedback for customer support here from the maker as well as others who own one and have more experience using it.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I’ve had problems for a long time with my Bib Hanger, but I’ve solved the problem. I’ll tell you about it.

For about 9 months I tried hanging unsuccessfully. What would happen is the hanger would slide down to just underneath the dick head (glans). The glands would become a dark purple and my dick would get cold. Furthermore, my dick would become sore because the Bib Hanger would bite into my dick.

So not being stupid, I would stop and allow my dick to breathe again.

When doing this I was using a small sock as a wrap.

Anyway, I’ve resolved the situation and now I’m very happy. The answer was very simple: hankerchief. I use a men’s size hankerchief, folded and folded and folded, and surround my dick with it loosely. Squeeze the blood out of the dick and tighten the hanger quite firmly.

Now I’m hanging very comfortably. After floundering for the last year, I feel that PE is just beginning for me, and am looking forward to a years time.

The Bib Hanger is quality, you just have to get used to it and understand your dick.

Bib>>> i have tried a couple of homemade hangers and i had several problems my skin would get get court up and pinched and it would fall off the last thing i tried was liquid latex for the swim cap method still haven’t given totally up on that idea)

Yes i would like to buy a bib but ihave trouble transferring the funds i don’t live in the states etc

wannabeseven>>> so the solution to your prop was the handkerchief?

Use duct tape! No im kidding, thats gotta hurt!

Now: 8.5" bpel 6" eg Goal: 9.5" nbpel 6" eg (maybe more)

Originally posted by popp
Use duct tape! No im kidding, thats gotta hurt!

tried it wont stick either :(

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