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Hanging high to raise LOT?

Hanging high to raise LOT?

alright… first post. ive been hanging for about two days now with the showercap method and 3lb’s. i can feel some soreness… very exciting.

i just ran across bib’s LOT theory and i was wondering..

since the ligs are attached at a certain spot on the shaft, and hanging at high angles stretches the shaft.. would this ultimately result in a higher LOT since the ligs are being pulled further out of the body? if so, after reaching a higher LOT, would i be able to do lower angle hanging to stretch ligs even further?

my LOT appears to be around 8:00, somewhat disappointing as i am currently around 5.5” EL and hoping to make it to AT LEAST 6.5” EL.


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Hi tavin, welcome to Thunder’s Place.

Yes, that’s the theory. :up:

Now, about that swimcap method; I would recommend trying something else. Check out the Homemade Hanger Models and Instructions thread for a list of suitable hangers that keep pressure of your glans. I personally use the Captn’s Wench and a homemade bib. Both are cheap and easy to build, and do a good job of gripping your penis laterally - behind the glans - which grips the internal structures of your penis better - allowing for greater stress to be applied to the ligs and other interior elements of your penis.

As a side note, please read the forum guidelines when you get a chance, especially the part on style and language. We try to maintain proper grammar here for the benefit of our international community. Thanks, and again, welcome aboard. :)

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