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Hanging help my curv

Hanging help my curv

Hey I just ordered my bib hanger and was wondering if it would help me straightn out my slightly curved unit?? Its not a lot i would guess about 10-15degress from being perfectly straight. Is there a method or device that can help this problem. I am pretty sure I know how it happend. Some things say its a blah blah dick condition. Well i’ve looked at it and what happend it my original masterbation method (using right hand) added girth to the right side of my unit. While the left side stayed slim the right got a little bigger. That caused my unit to move a little to the left because of the more girth size on the right. Once I noticed it a long time ago I imedately switched hands and well it was to late cause I never fixed it. Would jelqs of just one hand help? If so would that be my left hand??

Thanks for the help


So where do I sign to change my name to Dirk Diggler??


I also have a slight curve.....

Its not really a curve as it comes directly from the base so it actually just sticks out to the left about 10 - 15 degrees.

I am not sure how this happened as i only noticed it pretty recently. It could be due to the pe or it could be due to some injury i have given myself fairly recently(a fairly rigorous all nighter - didn’t notice anything specific at the time but i was generally sore the next day as was the chick). I am not sure whether hanging can sort it out but i am consciously trying to hang with a slight bias sometimes in order to try to straighten it.
I also jelq against the grain so to speak to see if this helps.

If anything does eventually sort it out i will be sure to post a thread telling all how i did it.

I hope you will do the same if you beat me to it!!

nb i wouldn’t think that the hand you use to masturbate would have much to do with it or all right handed guys would have units that were biased to the same side and i don’t think this is the case.

See Ya,


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