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Hanging Guru needed

Hanging Guru needed

Got loads of questions about hanging and hopefully someone will give me a hand. For the last 3 years i’ve been doing jelqing and other various manual exercises. Definately got some length but honestly I think the Jelqing really just enhances much of what you’ve got already and in my experience it’s an exercise you need to to all the time otherwise you’ll lose your gains. Still i’ve got a shower now not a grower. Anyway decided to hit the hanging a month ago and I have a load of questions. I’ll just list them to make them easier.

1) I take it wrapping is to stop the weight just stetching the skin (i’m uncut) and I found that without wrapping I was just starting to stretch the ligs. At first I found it hard to wrap but now after a month I find it’s like tying shoelaces did anyone else have the same trouble?

2) Even when I just wrap (and don’t hang) I find my head will turn cold and blue. (i’m just using a long piece of cotton matterial) am I wrapping too tight? I’m worried that if I don’t wrap tight enough then the wrap will just slip over the head.

3) Is wrapping a way to maintain and increase the lenght of you member? I mean it does keep everything at an unatural length

4) How inportand is it to warm your ligs before hand? I take it the ligs are just about the base of the penis? Will a hot water bottle do? And for how long. I really don’t want to hold it there for more than 5 minutes as I’d rather have my hands free to do something useful

5) I always get a cold head at the end of a session. I’ve heard this is bad but I see no other way after 15-20 minutes it just seems that this is what happens. I usually treat it with massage and heat.

6) Is 3x20 minutes a day enough to see gains?

7) I’ve been doing it 3x20 mins (minimum) for a month and don’t really see any gains what’s wrong here or do I need to be patient?

8) I use 1-2 kg of weight depending on how sore my member is. If I feel it can take the 2kg I use that if not it’s the 1kg or 1.5kg (I play it by ear). Is this sort of weight likely to bear results? Because if not I don’t think I can suffer much more than this at the moment.

9) My technique is probably unique due to my situation. I teach and work abroad and buying the materials to produce a professional hanger would be extremely difficult so… I a) wrap and pin the base of the wrap with a safety pin b) I sometime use a small cushioned pad to protect the shaft. Then I use a judo belt (becase it’s thick and so the surface area is less likely to cut into the shaft) I tie each end to the shaft and the weight is attached to the middle of the belt which pulls the penis down. Usually I tie one end of the belt near the top of the shaft and the other end in the middle. If I tie it near the head it puts too much pressure on the head. Is anyone cringing at the primitiveness of my method? Would I have better results if I made something more professional? Is there anyone that can post the materials to make a good device (like an easy to assemble kit)? Parcels get opened in this country and I don’t fancy having some obvious device that screams =HANGER=.

So can anyone help me out there?

In my opinion you will need to hang more than 1 or 2 kg. I am currently hanging 7.5kg. Some members use as much as 12.5kg. Your hanger leaves something to be desired. Take a look at this thread to get an idea for a better hanger that you can make yourself. Homemade Hanger Models and Instructions

I don’t consider my self a guru but here are some answers:

1) The wrapping is to protect your skin. It smoothens the edges of your hanger and makes sure your skin doesn’t fold over itself or gets caught in the teeth or corner of your hanger which would hurt.

2) Your wrap should be loose enough to allow for normal circulation so if your glans get cold it’s too tight. The wrap itself may be loose enough to slip over your glans because the hanger should keep everything in place.

3) Yep, I think some use just wrapping to prevent turtling.

4) Personally I don’t know but some say a good warm-up is important.

5) Your glans is going to get colder and it’s hard to say when it is too cold. However if it gets cold (and blue) fast then it’s probably bad. The idea is to stretch without constricting your bloodflow (completely).

6) Yes.

7) Probably not enough tension on your tunica/ligs.

8) I think men new to PE can gain from low weight like that but if you have already pe’ed for some time, including stretching, then you probably require 4 Kg and more to keep gaining. If you’re having trouble hanging 2Kg then your hanging method is bad.

9) Your method is called a noosestyle hanger which completely constricts bloodflow and puts pressure on your dorsal nerve which runs ontop of your penis. This method can be really painful and temporarily numb your penis. You can gain with this method but the risk of hurting your penis in the process is high.

My favourite hanger is the AFB hanger and I use a part of a bicycle/mountainbike innertire as wrap, materials for this hanger should be easy to find. The wench is a good hanger too but probably requires a bit more searching for materials in your case.

Yes my hanger is pretty poor. Really I can’t get more than a couple of kg on without pain!!! When I started I did feel the ligs were being pulled but not now. I’ll try to make a hanger. Living in China this is going to be a real chore getting all the bits and pieces, but i’ll try.

I think the hanger definately is consticting my blood supply to the point that for sure my dick’s got thinner from it. I think I’ll take a total break from hanging until I make something more professional.

The AFB hanger looks quite simple to construct. Do you think plastic or wood is the best material to use?

Yarr, What about the Captains Wench?

For my first hangers I used PVC but that bended too easily. Later I came across some reinforced plastic, a plastic wood mix, which is only 6mm thick and doesn’t break or bend. I’d say that is the best material except for maybe metal but you would need special tools for metal.

If you find plastic material you could use make sure it’s rigid enough, if you’re going to use wood make sure it’s thick enough for that type of wood so it won’t break during use.

I have no experience with the Captain’s Wench but it uses the same principle of lateral pressure as the AFB hanger.

Ok so I made myself a version of the captain’s wench. For sure wearing this is less painful than the ‘belt’. Though it’s still painful. I hung 3.5kg for 20 minutes and it wasn’t exactly painless. Most of the pain is on the head of the penis so I moved the device further up my shaft. Unfortunately it was still painful (but not as much). I think the fact that I’m not uncut will always mean I will have more slack in my skin (no matter how hard I wrap) and this will always put pressure on the head of my penis. Does anyone else have this problem? Should I get cut?

Do I need to really have as much as 3.5kg for 3 x 20 minutes a day? If I increase the pressure more gently will I have less pain? I hung for a month for 3 x 20 minutes varying the weight from 1.75kg to 3kg and really didn’t notice any gains. If anything my dick became thinner. Do you think I need a new hanger?

With the wench I can’t help you. I’m also uncut and I know how sensitive foreskin can be. This is why I prefer my AFB hanger which is completely smooth and doesn’t hurt even when I really tighten it. Really tight is what you need to prevent sliding when you have plenty of slack in your skin.

You shouldn’t wrap hard or tight, that will just constrict your bloodflow. 1 or 2 loose layers should be enough. I use a piece of a bicycle/mountainbike innertire with a girth slightly bigger than my flaccid girth. It fills up as soon as I start tightening my hanger.

Being cut makes hanging seem easier, your skin is less sensitive and you don’t have to worry about skinstretching, because you will need more skin for a longer dick and extra foreskin may be a bonus. When you’re uncut you have to be more careful and avoid skinstretching because you probably don’t need more foreskin. However if you’re able to avoid skinstretching all the tension will be on your tunica and ligaments which is a good thing, because it makes hanging more effective!

Ok so I modified my hanger and added a clamp to it which means I can hang up to 3.5kg without too much pain the thing is will I gain from this? Others have said I need at least 4-7kg. AFB hanger is that a commercial hanger? Maybe I should buy something more professional but I don’t exactly want something coming through the post that gets opened and hey presto i’m explaining to authorities here in China that I hang great big weights of my dick!!!

No, the AFB hanger is a homemade hanger just like the wench. There’s a link to it in my signature.

I don’t know if you will gain from 3.5kg but it’s possible.

Ok so I just modified my hanger and I did a set of 20 minutes not problem with 7kg felt the ligs really being pulled. Took a ten minute bread and did another set. This time it hurt a bit more but I suffered through it and after 4 minutes or so I could get on with some other work.

Then later at night I did two more sets the first at 7kg. This time though it was really painful. On the second night time set after a minute or so I just gave up and hung a couple of kg for 20 minutes.

So why is it that I could hang for 20 minutes at 7kg for the first set I did with little to no pain but each successive set got harder to bear. Is this a matter of going back to change the hanger or is this a matter of conditioning?

Also I was wondering if I did 4 x 20 minutes sets a day is it ok to start with the 1st set - 7kg; 2nd 6kg; 3rd 5kg and 4th 4kg. I’m worried that lowering the weight will be counterproductive. Everyone seems to say I need at least 7kg to gain.

Originally Posted by delectric

So why is it that I could hang for 20 minutes at 7kg for the first set I did with little to no pain but each successive set got harder to bear. Is this a matter of going back to change the hanger or is this a matter of conditioning?

It is common to reach a state of fatigue and have to reduce the weight or time. This is why I prefered to use a tensioning device that could be instantly adjusted instead of weight plates that were hard to reach down and remove. No more weights for me. Of course, that system was a tad over-kill, just the way I like things. ;) A simple string tied between hanger and foot works too. lol

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